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Zyflamend® is an herbal supplement produced by Vermont company New Chapter®. The remedy’s proponents claim that it strengthens heart and joint function by normalizing the body’s responses to inflammation and combats aging by promoting healthy cell growth. Zyflamend® ingredients include green tea and various herbs.

New Chapter®, a vitamin and supplement company based in Vermont, created and distributes Zyflamend®. Founded in 1982, the organization promotes and claims scientifically tested, organic whole-food remedies. Products mostly include multivitamins and herbal therapeutic products.

Herbal ingredients play a key role in Zyflamend®’s proclaimed benefits. Green tea, Chinese goldthread, and Baikal skullcap all purportedly aid the body in responding to injury or disease by facilitating a healthy inflammation response. Ingredients such as holy basil, rosemary, and hu zhang may help the body detoxify harmful substances. Proponents also allege that the ginger component offers anti-aging benefits, while turmeric and oregano solidify the other herbs’ therapeutic abilities. Additional ingredients range from olive oil to beeswax.

The Zyflamend® creation process involves a method where ingredients are extracted from herbs. The ingredients are extracted together rather than individually, so that their natural interactions and components are maintained. Once extracted, the ingredients are highly concentrated. No artificial substances are purportedly added, however. Parent company New Chapter® calls this process supercritical.


Proponents recommend using Zyflamend® twice a day. The supplement consists of soft gel capsules that can be taken with water. Use is also recommended during the course of a large meal.

A primary claimed benefit of Zyflamend® rests in its reported ability to reduce body inflammation and associated pains. Proponents say the remedy achieves this goal by decreasing COX-2 support and activity. The enzyme COX-2 is a major cause of body inflammation. Advocates of Zyflamend® also claim that the level of COX-2 inhibition has been validated by scientific experiments, although most of these experiments were conducted on non-human subjects. A more controversial claim made by advocates is the remedy’s usefulness in cancer treatment.

Despite its possible benefits, Zyflamend® has critics as well as supporters. The remedy has not been officially endorsed by any professional medical organization, nor has it undergone long-term human clinical trials. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a warning to suppliers due to what the administration called over-exaggerated claims. The FDA also advised individuals using the remedy to exercise caution. Potential harm to pregnant women and prescription drug users are among the reported dangers of using Zyflamend®.


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