What is Yotox?

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Yotox is a relatively new approach to dealing with the effects of aging on the face. Considered to be a means of using the basic concepts of yoga in the effort to minimize wrinkles and other outward signs of aging, yotox involves performing a series of body and facial exercises combined with some basic acupressure techniques. At present, the reaction to yotox ranges from staunch support to persons who consider the approach nothing more than a passing fad.

Proponents of yotox believe the approach is a natural alternative to invasive methods of smoothing out wrinkles, such as botox injections. Supporters note that yotox does not introduce any foreign materials into the layers of the skin, requires no incisions of any type, and can easily be practiced in the privacy of the home. Drawing on the ancient practice of yoga, yotox provides a range of exercises that are understood to strengthen the muscles lying under facial skin, as well as toning the top layer of skin in the process.


Sometimes referred to as a yoga facial, yotox does not guarantee that the effects of aging will be reversed totally or permanently. The discipline of the approach requires repetition on a regular basis in order to realize and maintain the improved skin tone and texture. While not promising results as spectacular as cosmetic surgery or wrinkle filler injections, yotox is considered by many to be helpful in creating a general sense of well being and vitality.

The basic exercises of yotox are intended to focus on specific areas of the face in order to address various issues. Some exercises are geared toward minimizing frown lines from around the eyes and the brow. Other techniques are understood to provide a fuller appearance to the lips. If toning of cheeks is desirable, there are yotox exercises designed to achieve a rosier and healthier look.

While the concept of yoga facials of this type is relatively new, yotox has already gathered a strong base of supporters as well as opponents who say that the exercises may be good for overall health, but will not result in any appreciable physical changes. Yotox is currently discussed in both printed matter and a number of blogs around the Internet, with adherents sharing ways the technique proved helpful and opponents noting situations where results did not take place.


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