What Is Yogurt Cheesecake?

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Yogurt cheesecake is a version of this dessert made with yogurt substituted into the filling ingredients in order to make a cheesecake lower in fat, calories, and often in sodium than traditional cheesecake. Many healthy eating plans include yogurt-based foods as an alternative to those containing heavy cream, egg yolks, or cream cheese. People seeking to lose weight often want to include healthier dessert options, and yogurt cheesecake can be a popular choice in many cases. A good number of recipes for yogurt desserts and snacks are simple to prepare and flexible in terms of flavoring preferences.

The average recipe ingredients for yogurt cheesecake include eggs, vanilla extract, sugar, cornstarch, and the low-fat yogurt flavor of choice. Some home bakers who prefer lower fat content also usually mix in one whole egg with a measure of egg whites. This ingredient option will often yield a cheesecake that is somewhat less creamy in texture, a common factor in cooking with yogurt combined with less egg yolk.


Popular flavors for yogurt cheesecake are fruit options such as lemon, strawberry, peach, apricot, and raspberry. Some people prefer to add more than one type of fruit, while others like to use only their favorite to flavor their cheesecake. Melted semi-sweet chocolate is another flavor alternative for cheesecake makers who normally like their yogurt snacks and desserts without fruit. Many recipes call for sliced fruit pieces added to the yogurt filling, though some others list fruit jams or preserves as ingredient possibilities as well.

Crusts for this kind of cheesecake are often made from crushed graham cracker pieces. These crusts can often be purchased in the grocery store frozen food section or can be mixed from scratch. Homemade cheesecake crusts are usually made from a combination of the graham cracker crumbs, melted butter or margarine, and either granulated or confectioner's sugar, depending on different recipe instructions.

Some recipes for these yogurt desserts require baking, although many others do not, and these cheesecakes can be mixed together fairly easily. The typical no-bake yogurt cheesecake calls for mixing the filling ingredients together, pouring them into the prepared crust, and placing the finished product in the refrigerator to thicken for about 24 hours. In order for the cheesecake to correctly thicken, many types of yogurt first need to be strained to remove any excess liquid. This step is usually accomplished by pouring the yogurt into a strainer bowl that has been lined with paper towels.


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