What is Yoga Mat Cleaner?

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Yoga mat cleaner comes in several types and may be used to help thoroughly clean a mat after multiple uses or to clean one right after use. Commercial forms of yoga mat cleaner may stress natural and gentle ingredients, and may lack harsh detergents. For most PVC (polyvinyl chloride) mats, and for many types made with latex or other forms of foam, commercial cleaners of various sorts will work fine. Other mats could require slightly different cleaning directions; grass mats, for instance, might not be best cleaned with commercial cleaners.

There are three basic types of yoga mat cleaner. There are detergents suitable for use in the washing machine or to clean a map in a bathtub. Yoga mat wipes have a small amount of cleaning solution on them and could be used directly after a yoga class. Cleaning spray may simply be spritzed onto the mat and wiped draw or allowed to dry. This last may disinfect the mat, but wouldn’t necessarily remove all dirt. It may however, remove odor.

Some of the more durable yoga mats, and those made with materials like cotton, are machine washable. It isn’t always necessary to use a yoga mat cleaner to get these clean. They can be washed with a small amount of gentle dishwashing soap or with detergents, like Woolite®, intended for gentle fabrics. Other soaps like simple shampoos can be used in the bathtub to clean a mat that can’t be machine-washed.


Similarly, mat spritzers, which generally contain some disinfecting ingredients and odor fighting ingredients, don’t have to come from a store. Simple solutions of vinegar and water spritzed on a mat will help disinfect and freshen smell. People can also dip a cloth in a vinegar water solution and use it as a gentle mat scrub.

There can nevertheless be advantages in using a yoga mat cleaner because many of them have been tested for effectiveness in cleaning yoga mats. Some brands may be slightly better at this work than are things a person could make at home to clean a mat. Moreover, things like mat wipes can easily be carried to yoga classes and used directly after them to keep mats clean.

Since so many companies make these cleaners, it may be wise to do some research to find the most effective brands. Some customers, for instance, have felt that too much cleaning, especially over-wiping, may reduce mat stickiness. It’s also important to read instructions for cleaning on any purchased yoga mat to make sure they’re compatible with various cleaners that are either commercially sold or homemade.


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