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Yoga Booty Ballet® is a popular fitness program comprised of a mixture of yoga, body sculpting, meditation, and dance. The program is the creation of Gillian Clark and Teigh McDonough. The idea initially came to Clark in the form of a dream in 1998. She worked with McDonough to release the program on video.

The creators of Yoga Booty Ballet® devised the program as a fusion of a variety of exercises. They merged Kundalini and hatha yoga, cardio dance, and ballet in order to create a fitness program that would help women achieve weight loss. Today, millions of people have either performed the exercises in a studio or purchased the DVDs and videos to follow the program at home.

The cardio dance portions of the program improve cardiovascular endurance and help people lose weight. Its ballet sections improve strength and muscle and bone density. Finally, the yoga segment of Yoga Booty Ballet® helps to increase a person's flexibility and balance.

Clark and McDonough both have backgrounds in the fitness industry. Clark began her career as a certified instructor and personal trainer in 1987. She has practiced Kundalini yoga since 1989 and Anusara yoga since 1998. In 2002, she began studying Kriya yoga.


McDonough has worked as a fitness teacher, personal trainer, actress, professional dancer, choreographer, and movement director. She has a background in various styles of dance, including jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop, theater, and funk. McDonough is a certified fitness instructor and personal trainer as well.

The duo owns the Swerve® Studio where they provide a variety of fitness classes for the public in Los Angeles, CA. Their Yoga Booty Ballet® program is also available to consumers who wish to follow the exercise program in the privacy of their own homes. DVDs are sold through, a company that sells other fitness and weight loss DVDs in addition to the Yoga Booty product.

Consumers can purchase several DVD packages in the Yoga Booty Ballet® series. The original DVD is called Yoga Booty Ballet® where exercisers learn the basic moves of the program. The next is called Yoga Booty Ballet LIVE® where Clark and McDonough lead actual classes that were filmed live. Yoga Booty Ballet® Master Series is designed to help exercisers perfect advanced pilates and yoga techniques that target the abs. Each exercise package is comprised of several DVDs.

Cardio dance, ballet, yoga, strength training, and meditation are all combined to provide exercisers with an eclectic mixture of movements to tone the body and encourage weight loss. People can follow the Yoga Booty Ballet® fitness regimen at home or find an instructor in their area to reap the benefits of this one-of-a-kind program. For more information, visit


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I love using my dvd to workout to yoga booty ballet. The variety of moves and breathing gives me a good cardio workout balanced with deep breathing techniques from yoga and pilates.

I'm always searching for a new variety of techniques to work out with, boredom sets in fairly quickly for me. But not with yoga booty ballet.

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