What is Wrinkle Filler?

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Wrinkle fillers are products that are utilized to minimize the presence of wrinkles in the face and neck. While there are a number of different compounds used to fill in wrinkles, the method of application is generally the same. Wrinkle filler is most commonly injected directly into the soft tissue underneath the top layer of skin, helping to plump the area and smooth out the wrinkled surface.

Usually, the use of a wrinkle filler is preceded by the use of some sort of exterior primer. Topical creams that are used to tighten the facial and neck skin are applied before any injections or incisions are made. Many of these primers used as preparation for the injection of a wrinkle filler are similar to the makeup primer or skin primer products that are available over the counter. Using these primers in advance helps make it easier for the professional administering the wrinkle filler to have a better idea of how much filler should be injected in order to achieve a natural appearance.

While there are a few types of wrinkle filler that have been in use for several decades, many of the more popular options today have only been developed in the last twenty years. Many of the newer types are considered improvements over the older products. However, it should be noted that there is not any one wrinkle filler that is universally considered to be the best option for everyone.


One of the more popular types of wrinkle filler on the market today are collagen-based fillers. These are generally considered to produce appreciable results, carry less potential for an adverse reaction with the cells of the skin, and will help to provide a look and feel that is more natural. However, some consumers prefer to not make use of collagen injections, as the effects will only last for a relatively short period of time in comparison to some other compounds.

Synthetic wrinkle filler compounds, particularly those with a polymer base, are gaining a great deal of attention. Considered to be more durable than many of the other options, the effects are generally acknowledged to provide a significant change to the appearance. However, some patients treated with synthetics do report some side effects as well as some discomfort in the general area of the injection.


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Post 2

@Ocelot60- Though having wrinkle filler injections isn't typically very painful, each person has a different tolerance to pain.

If you are planning to have these injections and usually have a very low pain tolerance, talk to your doctor. There are topical numbing creams and injections that can be given first to minimize the amount of pain you experience.

Post 1

Does anyone know how painful getting a wrinkle filler is when the needle enters the skin? I have heard several people say that it is not bad at all, but I have a friend that had this procedure done and says that it does hurt.

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