What Is Workflow CRM?

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Workflow customer relationship management, or workflow CRM, is a method of automating many of the customer relationship management (CRM) processes used within an industry to provide better customer service. CRM is used to ensure that customers are receiving their products and services in a timely manner, as well as to maintain customer contact to create additional orders. By automating the process, companies can lower overhead operating expenses involved with traditional customer retention and CRM processes.

This type of CRM creates a standard set of responses to specific situations. For example, calls coming into a call center may be routed directly to the correct department and then tracked for appropriate responses. Common contacts, such as recurring orders or product support, can even be set up to use a pre-recorded messaging system to answer questions or place orders without requiring a full time staff of live representatives to field contacts.

Using workflow CRM software, companies can automate responses to customer service inquiries and complaints. As contact is made with a company, the contact is logged into the computer system, including the date and time of the contact and pertinent information. The workflow CRM system tracks these communications and the customer service representatives’ responses to ensure customers are receiving responses in a timely manner. This type of automated workflow system is especially important in situations where contacts may not receive immediate responses, such as product support emails or call center answering services.


The workflow CRM software is also useful in keeping customers updated about important information. Workflow CRM software tracks information such as purchased products and warranty information, so it can be used to automatically contact customers regarding product recalls, scheduled service appointments and extended warranty purchases. In addition to contacting customers about such important information, workflow CRM software also ensures that companies are not paying out claims for product replacements or service on items that are no longer covered by warranty or which were purchased second-hand.

Companies using workflow CRM software can also improve their contact with prospective customers and repeat buyers. Buyers who purchase consumable products and services can be contacted on a regular basis to set up the reordering process. Prospective customers can be added to the database and contacted by call centers, direct contact, email or postal mail with efficiency and speed. Using this system, companies can gain new customers and provide better service to existing customers, ensuring customer satisfaction and improving public relations.


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