What is Wheatgrass Seed?

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Wheatgrass seed is the embryo form of the common wheat plant often grown for health food purposes. People use these seeds for growing wheatgrass at home. Once grown, the plant is used for wheatgrass juice, smoothies, and other recipes featuring superfoods.

Unlike wheat malt, wheatgrass is typically sold as a fresh product. Some sellers also market freeze-dried wheatgrass. Many health conscious people believe that fresh wheatgrass provides the most health benefits, and opt to grow their own from wheatgrass seed, rather than purchasing it from a health food store.

Growing wheatgrass is considered a simple process. Seeds should be soaked in water for up to 12 hours prior to planting in a starter soil mixture. Wheatgrass typically sprouts within 10 days, though it is recommended to wait to harvest the plant until it is at least 7 inches (18 cm) tall. People who grow wheatgrass seed should be wary of a mold that can grow when seeds do not germinate.

Hydroponic sprouting mechanisms are popular in growing wheatgrass seed. These methods allow growers to avoid using soil, which can be messy when harvesting the wheatgrass. Small, shallow trays are also often employed when growing wheatgrass seed in the home in order to yield a densely-packed supply of the plant in a small area.


Those who drink wheatgrass smoothies or ingest the product in other ways claim that it provides a plethora of healthful benefits. People often use the plant in detoxification regimens. The plants may also help prevent cancer. Nutritionally, people can receive many vitamins and minerals from the plant. Amino acids, enzymes, and chlorophyll are also found within wheatgrass.

Many aficionados of this health food choose not to grow the plant from wheatgrass seed at home. Though wheatgrass is considered a fast-growing plant, making products from it requires a dense supply of the food that some people do not have room to grow. Instead, they may opt to purchase convenience products, such as powder or juice. Health spas, fitness centers, and juice bars may also vend fresh wheatgrass products. Those who wish to occasionally blend their own products from a raw supply can usually buy fresh wheatgrass supplies from a health food store as well.

Slowly-grown plants from wheatgrass seed are considered to be the most nutritionally potent form of the plant. While wheatgrass growers who have plenty of growing room can sell such plants, many fans of the product cannot. Some drinkers of wheatgrass products may choose to buy their wheatgrass already-grown rather than cultivating it at home for this reason as well.


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Post 3
@fBoyle-- Absolutely, I buy wheatgrass seeds for my cat. You just need to mix them into soil, add a little bit of water, put it somewhere with sunlight and wait for them to grow. It takes between 7-10 days.
Post 2

Can I use wheatgrass seeds to grow grass for my cats? Has anyone done this before?

My cats go through cat grass very quickly. I just bought a cat grass kit two weeks ago and all the grass is gone already. I think it will be cheaper if I get cat grass seeds and plant them. I checked the type of seeds that were used in the kit and wheatgrass was one of them.

Post 1

I bought a wheatgrass grower set last month because I love wheatgrass juice. It was costing too much to buy it from a juice bar several times a week, so I decided to grow it at home.

I first tried the set without soil, I used paper towels instead as instructed. But it didn't work too well. Most of the seeds did not germinate, they became moldy and the ones that did germinate took forever to grow. Now, I've switched to regular soil and everything looks great. My organic wheatgrass seeds have all sprouted and they will be ready to cut and juice soon.

If anyone is planning on buying wheatgrass seeds to grow at home, I recommend using good old soil for it.

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