What Is Welf Pudding?

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Welf pudding is a particular kind of two-layer pudding that is popular in some regions of Germany and nearby countries. This Germanic dish is made up of separated egg yolks and egg whites along with other ingredients. It results in a simple pudding that is often served chilled.

On the bottom layer of most Welf pudding recipes, egg whites are mixed with milk and vanilla extract products. The top layer is made from egg yolks along with white wine, lemon juice and other ingredients. This recipe demonstrates the unique food appeal of the egg, where both the white and the yolk can be blended into various textures and concoctions.

The lower Saxony region of northern Germany is perhaps where Welf pudding is best known. This dish should not be confused with pudding dishes in other areas of the world that might be called “welf pudding” as an abbreviation for the word welfare. On the contrary, Welf pudding in Germany developed as the favorite dish of a house of nobles, the house of Welf or Guelph. The German word for the dish is Welfenspeise, where its evolution over several centuries is well known.


As Welf pudding begins to be known in culinary circles around the world, it’s important to look at the specific ingredients that were traditionally used to create this dessert item. One of the main ones is the vanilla sweetener, which is known in German as Vanillezucker. Aside from getting traditional ratios right for this dish, having the right sweeteners and ingredients is important.

Many different presentations of Welf pudding are possible. Some cooks put the pudding into bowls to serve it, while others serve it in glasses or other smaller containers that serve individual guests or patrons. This kind of German pudding is a dish that has a lot of potential for modern culinary variation, based on those traditionally used in Germany. Some renditions might include the mass manufactured "vanilla wafer" to give the dish more heft and add texture, while others might add flavors of banana or other ingredients. On a modern restaurant menu, this ethnic dish can provide a lighter choice than some traditional desserts also originating in Germany, such as that region’s heavy version of chocolate cake.


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I had never even heard of Welf Pudding before taking a trip to Germany a few years ago. I saw it on the menu at several different restaurants, and knew I needed to give it a try. I didn't know if I would like a chilled pudding, but was pleasantly surprised. It was lighter tasting than I thought it would be, but was a perfect dessert after a filling traditional German meal.

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