What is Website Copywriting?

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Website copywriting involves writing text and copy for websites. The type of copy that is required varies depending on the type of website for which a person is writing copy. Commercial websites may require standard sales-style copywriting, while informative or educational websites could require more structured material.

Almost all websites require some type of website copywriting. The material on a website is important not only to attract customers, but also to raise page ranks and create search engine traffic. This means that website copywriting can be somewhat different from regular writing because writers must write for two audiences.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can sometimes be important in website copywriting. SEO refers to the process of creating copy that is tailored toward catching the attention of popular search engines. Theoretically, the higher the SEO, the higher the number of readers that will be directed to the website.

An understanding of keywords and search engine behavior are important for SEO when writing copy for the web. This means copy for a website may have to contain certain keywords that people search when looking for something. If those keywords are used properly and in the proper places within the article, more traffic will come to the website via a search engine, and the owner of the website could have the potential of making more money.


Because of these differences, website copywriters often have to have both a writing background and a marketing background. A person who is acting as a website copywriter for a site that is trying to sell something usually needs to be able to write active prose that inspires action. They also need to be able to drive traffic to the site, so that customers can see the products for sale.

Although SEO is important and being able to write effective sales copy may also be essential for website copywriting, many of the basic writing skills are also required. This means that most website copywriters have to be familiar with basic grammar, style, and structure rules. Content has to be well written in order to accomplish its goal, and adherence to standard writing rules is often a prerequisite to a well-written article.

Website copy not only serves the overall function of the website, but it usually needs to capture the attention of readers as well. People browsing the web tend to read differently than people reading a book or a newspaper. There are more content options available, so the content must capture their attention quickly and be relatively easy to read.

Often, web browsers want to be able to skim websites or articles to get a good idea of what they are about. Therefore, website copywriting often involves writing prose that is easily readable. Headings, bullet points, and simple language are often preferred as a result.


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If you are looking for someone to write website copy for a business or project you are developing, and you don't know much about websites then you might want to consider using a website overseer.

A website overseer is someone who is trained in all aspects of website creation and maintenance. So not only can an overseer write copy for your website, he can also build the site and maintain it once you have it up and running.

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My writing experience has been mostly in the area of news writing, so when I teamed up with a friend to create websites I was not fully prepared for writing copy for the websites. I always thought quality writing and presentation of information that readers were interested in was enough to promote a product or service.

When you are writing to promote a person's or business's website, if you don't know the rules and tricks of SEO writing then you are doing your customers a disservice.

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