What is VortexHealing Energetic Therapy?

Amy Hunter

VortexHealing energetic therapy (sometimes Vortex Healing) is a type of energy work that is used to help treat those stuck in unproductive or even damaging behavior. It is an alternative therapy that utilizes a practitioner, or Merlin to channel divine light and divine consciousness to the client to help ground and center the client, releasing internal blockages and helping to resolve deeply rooted emotional behavior. Some patients that experience VortexHealing energetic therapy report that they have learned how to better control their emotions and move forward in life in a way that they had previously been unable to do.

VortexHealing energetic therapy creates an experience similar to that of an acupuncture session.
VortexHealing energetic therapy creates an experience similar to that of an acupuncture session.

Vortex healing is an ancient practice that has a wide range of uses. In addition to increased psychological well being, VortexHealing energetic therapy is believed by many to help speed healing and increase the benefits of drug therapy. Vortex healing, like many types of energy work, does not have to stand alone as the only therapy used. It can be used as a compliment to a variety of more traditional therapies as well as other alternative therapy practices.

A VortexHealing energetic therapy session is private, and the practitioner will place their hands on the client's head to begin the session. There are 49 forms of vortex light, and each is responsible for a specific effect on the body. The skilled practitioner combines and directs the body energy, healing, relieving tension and even creating an experience similar to acupuncture.

Although VortexHealing energetic therapy dates back over 5000 years, modern use of the practice began in 1995, when Ric Weinman began teaching is as an energetic healing art. Prior to Weinman resurrecting the practice, it had not been used since 1247.

According to lore, Mehindra was a man who lived over 5500 years ago. After he died, he worked with seven other people to create a bridge between the realm of divine healing and the realm of human consciousness. In 736 BC, Mehindra, calling himself Merlin, appeared in the UK, according to the story, and taught his technique of healing to one man. This man, in turn, passed the healing technique on to others. Those chosen to learn the technique were known as Merlins. Finally, in 1247, there were no appropriate people to teach the healing technique to, and the practice died out. In 1994, Weinman says he learned the technique when he received a vision from Merlin. Since then, Weinman has began the process of teaching it to others. There are seven levels of practitioners in VortexHealing energetic therapy.

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