What is Volumizing Hair Spray?

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Volumizing hair spray is a product designed to provide all the holding power associated with various types of hair creams, tonics, and sprays, but includes the ability to enhance the look of the hairstyle. This is achieved by increasing the visual thickness of the hairstyle, regardless of the texture of the hair. Hair products of this type are often designed for persons who have thinning hair, or hair that tends to lack body.

The concept of volumizing hair spray first appeared in the middle of the 20th century. Elaborate hairstyles were often designed with a thick head of hair in mind. In order to allow persons with thinner hair to enjoy wearing those same styles, hair care product manufactures created a line of hair sprays that would not only keep the hairstyle in place, but also create the illusion of a fuller head of hair. Some formulas would make use of agents that would cling to each hair follicle and effectively create a solid coating on the surface of the follicle. This coating would easily harden into place and keep the hair from moving, even in a stiff breeze. At the same time, the overall effect of the coating would provide the hair with an enhanced appearance of thickness.


Over time, volumizing hair spray adapted to changes in hairstyles. The more natural look of straight hair during the 1960’s led to the development of volumizing products that nourished the hair with vitamins and nutrients, even as the hairspray added volume to the hair. These formulas remained popular into the 1970’s when layering gained a great deal of popularity in both male and female hairstyles.

Today, there are a number of volumizing hair spray products on the market. Many are geared toward use by a given gender, ethnic group, or hair condition. Many of the products offered today not only claim to provide a secure hold and superior volumizing, but also strengthen the individual hair follicles with the use of herbal combinations within the formula. The inclusion of herbal fusions within current volumizing hair spray products is understood to effectively feed the hair from the inside out, creating more volume and a healthier sheen to the hair.


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Post 3

I asked my hair stylist what the best volumizing hair spray is. She said that there are many good ones but told me to stay away from those that contain PVP. I found out that PVP stands for polyvinylpyrrolidone. Apparently, it's a type of polymer that's harmful for hair. My stylist recommended a product that's made of vegetable gum and herbal extracts instead.

It's kind of expensive though, so I might make my own volumizing hair spray. I got the recipe online, it just requires lemon and water. I'm going to boil lemon wedges in water and use it as hair spray. It's supposed to add volume to hair. I hope it works!

Post 2

@turquoise-- Many are used that way but there are also volumizing hair sprays that are used on the entire head.

The one you have is good for hair styles where you want to create volume in just one part for a specific look. Using it on all of your roots will also push your hair strands upward and make it look like you have fuller hair.

But be careful with volume hair sprays that are applied to the roots because they can irritate the scalp or damage hair roots. If you have a good brand, I'm sure it will be fine. But it can be a problem for people who already have hair loss or sparse hair.

Post 1

I bought a volumizing hair spray last week because it was on sale and I had never used one before. I was surprised when I read the directions today because it says to spray the product on my hair roots and then blow dry my hair with my head upside down. Is this how most hair volume sprays are used?

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