What Is Voice BPO?

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Voice business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subsection of BPO jobs in which employees most often use their voice to work. This means the employee will often be calling, or called by, customers to answer questions or address complaints. The tasks involved in these BPO jobs are categorizes as inbound or outbound, but the two are often combined. Voice BPO is contrasted by non-voice BPO, which does not mean the employees never talk but that they do not interact with customers. As with all BPO jobs, this may be outsourced to other countries or regions, and those employees must have a good grasp on the employer’s language to get the job.

In the roughest sense, BPO jobs can be split into voice and non-voice categories. In the voice section, the main tools an employee will use are his or her voice and a telephone. These jobs are often associated with call centers and assistance desks, where customers are constantly calling for help or to ask a question. Many companies have a use for this, but computer companies and banks are primarily known for these call centers.


With voice BPO, the employee’s job will be categorized as inbound or outbound. Inbound is when a customer calls and the employee answers. These employees must be able to react quickly to questions and must be able to use a computer at the same time to get more information for the consumer. Outbound employees call consumers, often to ask about such things as late bank payments or to try to sell the consumer a new product or service.

While inbound and outbound voice BPO jobs are categorized separately, they are usually combined. An employee may have to answer questions during one part of his or her workday and call customers asking questions during another part. Sometimes employees are specialized and the call center is arranged so an employee will only handle outbound or inbound calls, but this is rare.

Contrasting voice BPO is non-voice BPO work. The employees in this field do not communicate with the public but are behind a desk or running a computer. Accounting, documentation, database administration and manufacturing products are all examples of non-voice jobs.

Just like all BPO jobs, voice BPO may be outsourced domestically or to another country or region. If the latter, employees must show competency in the employer’s language; otherwise the employee will not be able to perform his or her duties. Tests are usually required to see if the employee is qualified in the employer’s language before the employee will receive a job.


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