What Is Vitamin E Hair Oil?

Kathleen Howard

Vitamin E hair oil is a natural hair treatment that contains vitamin E and vegetable oil. When used topically, this oil will provide several benefits. Vitamin E hair oil is known to increase blood flow to the scalp and provide damaged hair with intensive moisturize. This oil might also be effective in promoting hair growth. The many benefits of vitamin E oil are why it has become a popular ingredient in many shampoos, conditioners and moisturizing treatments.

Vitamin E oil can smooth hair and promote growth.
Vitamin E oil can smooth hair and promote growth.

One of the most important benefits of vitamin E hair oil is its ability to increase circulation to the scalp. It does this by increasing the scalp’s consumption of oxygen. The act of massaging the oil into the scalp will also temporarily increase blood flow to the area. An improvement in circulation will enhance the health and strength of the hair follicles.

Some shampoos and conditioners contain vitamin E.
Some shampoos and conditioners contain vitamin E.

Improved circulation might also stimulate the follicles into producing hair at a faster rate. Although this has not been clinically proved, vitamin E is a common ingredient used in hair growth formulas. Even if vitamin E oil does not promote growth, it does tighten the follicles, which might slow the loss of hair.

Another benefit of using vitamin E as a hair treatment is its ability to moisturize and condition the hair. Vitamin E hair oil is very hydrating. Smoothing this oil onto dry strands will diminish the appearance of split ends, add shine and make the hair feel softer. Oil can be added to wet or dry hair to provide lasting moisture.

People who are interested in adding vitamin E to their haircare routine have a lot of options. They can purchase a vitamin E hair oil product or use vitamin E capsules. These capsules usually are sold as dietary supplements, but they can be broken open and used on the skin and hair. Many people choose to pour the contents of a few capsules into their regular shampoo and conditioner for additional moisture.

Vitamin E oil also can be used as a deep conditioning treatment. When used as a conditioning treatment, the oil typically is heated before being applied to the hair and scalp. This helps the oil penetrate the hair strands and increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Regular hot oil treatments can restore strength and elasticity to weakened hair strands.

In addition to conditioning treatments, vitamin E oil is a common ingredient in anti-frizz serums, scalp treatments, shampoos, conditioners and other specialty treatments. When choosing a product, it is important for consumers to look for one that contains vitamin E oil. Although soybean and wheat germ oil do contain vitamin E, the concentration will not be as potent.

Hot oil treatments can be used to tame thick and unruly hair.
Hot oil treatments can be used to tame thick and unruly hair.

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I use vitamin E oil on my skin, to help fade blemishes and scars. I did not think of using vitamin E for my hair until I saw it as an ingredient in a hair product I bought. I want to try a vitamin E hair oil because I really think it's beneficial. I have a very dry scalp, vitamin E oil should help with that.


@donasmrs-- I actually recommend using pure vitamin E oil on your scalp and hair. I used a vitamin E oil labeled for hair once and I was not happy with it. The product had little vitamin E. It was mostly mineral oil, so some products and labels can be misleading.

I also recommend checking the label to make sure that the vitamin E is D-alpha tocopheryl. This is the technical name for natural vitamin E. There is also synthetic vitamin E oil which is not as beneficial.

Vitamin E oil is heavy and sticky. So it's a good idea to use it as a mask once or twice a week when you're home. I usually apply it when I'm watching TV or doing house chores. After about an hour, I wash my hair. Washing it off can be a pain but it really leaves my hair very soft and shiny. It does also help reduce shedding and encourage growth.


Will vitamin E oil help with shedding?

And do I have to find vitamin E oil labeled for hair or can I use any vitamin E oil?

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