What is Vibrational Healing Massage Therapy?

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Vibrational healing massage therapy, or VHMT, includes different types of massage therapies which use vibration to heal, relieve stress, and help to increase a sense of well being. Essentially, the therapy is based on a belief that everything is made of vibrations, especially the human body. Different therapies approach vibration differently.

There are three main types of massage therapy that use vibration. Vibrational healing massage therapy, Samvahan, and musical vibration are all types of VHMT. There are actually a lot of vibrational massage therapies, but they stem from these three philosophies.

Samvahan borrows from philosophies like acupuncture to address issues through various points on the body. Samvahan focuses a lot on the spine. The thinking behind this is that it is the spine that has the greatest imbalances. Therapies similar in philosophy to Samvahan include therapies that use crystals, or focus on chakras, and Chinese medicine.

Next there is musical vibration therapy which uses the pulsation of the music being played to aid in the therapy for the patient. This type of therapy may be tuning fork therapy, drum vibration therapy, and others. By applying these frequencies close to the body, a practitioner can tune the cells of the body to a different frequency to stimulate and heal.


Finally, vibrational healing massage therapy is based on the idea that through vibration we’re able to find balance within our bodies. The body has a flow which can be achieved through healing massage. That flow is called the Fluid Body model. It’s simply a way of being, walking, moving, and so on, that allows the patient to live from one moment to the next with a greater awareness of the world around them. This massage therapy can be used in conjunction with a number of other therapies such as Swedish massage.

Vibrational healing massage therapy is very compatible with most people’s lives, including young children. There’s no need for a long session which can last 90 minutes. It’s also easily done just about anywhere with clothes on. The benefits of vibrational healing massage therapy can be seen in as little as 10 minutes. It’s not a difficult therapy to learn and it is recommended that someone in the family learn as everyone will benefit.

If you’re looking for a few minutes of stress relief, need some serious healing, or just want to feel better and more alert there is research supporting vibrational healing massage therapy for all these applications. There are schools in nearly every state that teach vibrational healing massage therapy. You might even be able to catch a class or a session at the recreation center.


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