What is Vespa Crabro?

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Vespa crabro is a homeopathic medicine derived from the vespa crabro hornet. This insect is the largest hornet found on the European continent, where it enjoys a protected status and is making a comeback from near extinction; the hornet is also found in Asia, United States and Canada. The insect's whole body as well as its venom can be used in homeopathy.

To make the vespa homeopathy herb remedy, a live hornet is dropped in alcohol, diluted and succussed; that is, shaken. Venom from the vespa crabro hornet can also be extracted and used for its therapeutic value. Vespa herbal remedies can be purchased from online and regular homeopathy stores in liquid form, as essential oils and in the form of sugar pellets.

Herbal remedies obtained from vespa crabro can be used to treat a range of insect bites and stings. Normally, many insect bites are minor and barely noticeable, but there are also some rather toxic creatures in the insect world. These insects can, individually or in a horde attack, cause people to develop allergic and even life-threatening reactions. In other cases, insects may pick up harmful bacteria and inject those into the skin when they bite someone, causing that person to develop some rather severe bacterial skin infections.


Often, regular medicines may have little or no effect on the severity of the insect bite symptoms, leaving the person in dire discomfort. In such a case, it might help to try out the vespa hornet herb remedy. According to homeopathic medicine practitioners, this treatment is excellent for ameliorating the allergic reactions to insect bites. It can also fight off bacterial infection arising from insect stings and reduce swellings from multiple insect attacks. In addition, vespa crabro can be used to treat other skin problems like boils, itchiness, wheals and sore spots.

Aside from having a soothing effect on skin ailments, vespa herbal remedies can effectively deal with the problems arising from disorders of the female reproductive system. Women suffering from nausea, menstrual cramps and premenstrual depression will do well to take specified doses of vespa medicine under the advice of an experienced homeopathic practitioner. The herbal remedy can also be used to treat mucous membrane problems.

People with insomnia and anxiety-related disorders can also benefit from vespa crabro treatment. The medicine has a relaxing effect on taut muscles and nerves, which can help people stay calm and sleep better.


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