What is Vaginismus Treatment?

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Vaginismus is a condition that affects a woman's genitals, causing a woman to spontaneously tighten her vaginal muscles in order to prevent any form of vaginal penetration. This can include penetration from tampons, gynecological examinations, or sexual intercourse.

Women suffering from vaginismus experience various symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include sexual pain, tightness, and burning during penetration. A woman that suffers from vaginismus will experience a reflex that causes the muscles of the vagina to tense, usually making sexual intercourse extremely painful. In some cases, penetration is impossible without vaginismus treatment. The severity of vaginismus varies from woman to woman.

There are two forms of this condition. The first form is called primary vaginismus, which usually occurs before the woman has ever experienced vaginal penetration. The second form is secondary vaginismus and occurs gradually after the woman has experienced penetration.

Vaginismus treatment does not require drugs, surgery, or any other complex procedures or techniques. Some effective vaginismus treatment options include exercising and gaining better control over the pelvic muscles. Pain elimination techniques and dilation training are also useful.


In many cases, women that suffer from vaginismus may need psychological treatment to deal with the emotional components causing the problem. Vaginismus can be caused by numerous psychological factors. Some of the most common causes of vaginismus includes past or attempted sexual abuse, any physically invasive trauma, generalized anxiety, and certain views regarding sex. Once the individual can express and resolve the emotional components that contribute to vaginismus, the condition can usually be cured.

Identifying vaginismus requires definitive medical tests that are administered by a physician or specialist. A physician or specialist can determine if the individual has the condition by observing patient history, performing a gynecological examination, and ruling out other possible conditions. Once the doctor or specialist confirms the condition, vaginismus treatment options can be discussed.

Some women will choose not to seek vaginismus treatment. Unfortunately, the condition usually becomes more severe if left untreated. For this reason, physiological or psychological treatment is a good option. Vaginismus is considered one of the more treatable sexual disorders. When an individual chooses to receive treatment for vaginismus the success rates are normally high.


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Yes, I agree that vaginismus can be caused by various psychological issues. I had a bad gyno exam a few years ago which led to me having fear of sex or anything related to vaginal opening. The trick is to try and relax. I am using something called a vagi-wave at the moment which is helping me get used to penetration and overcoming my fears. I am still on forums to help others and to get more advice myself.

Yes, hypnotherapy, a glass of wine and the vagi-wave have helped me. I could not even insert a q tip before. I am now determined to overcome this problem and urge others not to give up. I hope this helps. Its all about giving each other support after all.

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