What is Uropathy?

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Uropathy is a type of alternative medicine. Also referred to as urine therapy, uropathy involves using urine to boost the body's immune system, treat certain illnesses and conditions, and even promote better overall health. Though many people find the concept of using their urine for treating anything disgusting, uropathy has been in practice for many years, and some people assert that is very effective.

In using uropathy, some people consume their urine. They drink it as is or mix it with water. Some claim urine therapy is helpful for treating everything from allergies and headaches to arthritis. Some even say ingesting urine may be helpful for treating cancer.

Generally, consuming urine is considered safe; unless a person has some sort of infection involving the bladder, it is typically free of bacteria. When a person drinks his own urine, his digestive system is said to get rid of any harmful substances that may have been present before they can get into the blood. However, it may be a good idea to use a clean catch sample for consumption. This involves wiping the area around the urethra, the hole that emits urine, with a damp cloth to prevent bacteria and debris from falling into the sample. Then, urinate just a little into a toilet before letting the rest (or just enough to suit your purpose) go into a container.


Some people find it very difficult to drink urine, but they still want the benefits uropathy may provide. To get around this problem, they have an alternative health practitioner, called a uropath, inject them with their urine. For this procedure, the urine is usually filtered to make sure that no bacteria are present before injection. Injection is said to provide the same benefits as consuming urine.

Some people don't drink their urine but instead choose to gargle with it. This may help treat such things as sore throats, colds, and even mouth pain, such as toothaches. Some people use uropathy to treat yeast infections, douching with their urine. Some people even use urine in enemas and add drops of it to the ear to cure ear infections.

Sometimes, uropathy doesn't involve putting urine back into the body. Instead, a person applies it to the outside of his body to treat a range of conditions, such as rashes, athlete's foot, acne, warts, sunburn, and other skin conditions. Some people even use urine therapy to treat nail fungus. According to uropaths, it may even be helpful to inhale urine vapors when you wish to treat sinus infections.

According to practitioners of urine therapy, this natural bodily fluid is useful for more than just treating ailments. It's also said to be helpful for keeping the skin and hair in good shape. To this end, it is used as a rinse to make the hair thicker and shinier. When used in this manner, lemon juice is often applied afterwards to get rid of any unpleasant smells.


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