What is Unified Field Therapy?

Serena Spinello

Unified Field Therapy (UFT) is an alternative, holistic type of therapy that was founded by Michael N. Linkogel. Linkogel investigated the formation of human consciousness and found that in order to heal successfully, any blockage that enters one’s energy field must be removed. Kinkogel’s practice resulted in the opening of Shifting Consciousness, L.L.C, a training and certification program that is devoted to Unified Field Therapy.

Unified field therapy sessions are conducted in a private room with the client lying face up on a massage table.
Unified field therapy sessions are conducted in a private room with the client lying face up on a massage table.

The premise of this type of therapy lies within the unified field, which is an energy-based atmosphere that exists throughout the universe. The origin of life, it is said, stems from the unified field, including our psychological, physical and emotional states. Similarly, illnesses and infirmities are a direct outcome of an imbalance that lies within the body’s energy field. Consequently, what we do, how we act and the choices we make are all regulated by our inner unified field.

Unified Field Therapy seeks to identify and modify those patterns that are not conducive to one’s well being. In order to do that, the continual strings of negativity and pessimism must be stopped. Both physical and psychological distress is directly associated with these unhealthy blockages and patterns.

A unified field therapist examines a patient’s energy field to identify the source of interference in the body. Therapy sessions are conducted in a private, tranquil environment so that the client feels at ease. The client lies face up on a massage table and the therapist guides the patient into a meditative state where the revolving current of energy in the unified field can be directly contacted. Once the therapist is able to locate the source of the blockage, they are able to assess the precise source that is causing the patient physical or mental pain. After the location is determined, the therapist guides the power of the field to get rid of any and all blockages. This is accomplished by shaping the energy into a more constructive and beneficial form, setting off shifts that are located in one’s consciousness.

Results and experience may vary from one person to another, as a large part of the therapy has to do with the patient and their ability to recognize and change their patterns. Individuals who have undergone Unified Field Therapy have reported a variety of positive changes to their well-being. Such benefits include increased levels of clarity, patience and self esteem as well as decreased levels of physical pain and ailments.

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