What is Turmeric Tea?

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Turmeric tea is made from steeping powdered turmeric in hot water. This plant, indigenous to India, is of the ginger family and, like ginger, has many potential health benefits. A group of antioxidants known as curcumin is considered the most active ingredient in turmeric tea and is what gives it its distinctive bright, yellow color. Though no testing on humans is yet conclusive, ongoing lab results suggest that turmeric may have anti-inflammatory properties. Likewise, there is evidence that links this plant to lowering the risk for certain types of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

The tea can be found in most health stores and some grocery stores already packaged into tea bags. The packages for this product typically boast joint health or an immunity boost. The flavor is not extremely popular, so turmeric tea may be made at home with ground or freshly grated turmeric. Most instructions require boiling a few cups of water, adding a small amount of turmeric, and reducing the boil to a simmer for several minutes. Flavorings such as honey, lemon, and ginger may be added.

Turmeric has been used for hundreds or even thousands of years in India as a cure-all. It is perhaps best known, and most widely proven, for its ability to reduce pain caused by inflammation. Those with arthritis may find that over time, turmeric tea can help to reduce this condition.


The tea may also be used as a natural antiseptic, as it boasts anti-bacterial properties. Upset stomach may be calmed by drinking this type of tea. Gum disease due to a growth of plaque and bacteria in the mouth may also be alleviated. Even acne, which is often formed when bacteria becomes trapped under the surface of the skin, may be diminished by regularly drinking turmeric tea.

The antioxidants in curcumin are believed to help reduce the risk of breast, colon, and lung cancer, among other types of the disease. Antioxidants have been known to attack free radicals in the body. It is these chemically-reactive free radicals that often contribute to cell degeneration, which can cause tumors and various diseases. Studies have shown that populations in Asia that consume large amounts of turmeric in their diets over a lifetime have a lower rate of cancer.

A University of California study suggested that the curcumin in turmeric tea can block the growth of beta-amyloid plaque in the brains of rats. It is this plaque that is commonly associated with the development of Alzheimer’s and other degenerative diseases. Those who are pregnant, nursing, or who have recurring problems with bile or gallstones should not drink turmeric tea without first consulting a doctor.


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Post 3

Much of the reading I have done suggests adding black pepper (for the synergistic effect of curcumin and piperine) and oil (due to the miscibility of curcumin) to increase the benefits of turmeric. Odd that there is no mention of this here. I have been using this tumeric mixture with the occasional addition of other anti-inflammatory herbs such as cinnamon and ginger for osteoarthritis since having to quit NSAIDS due to the side effects. I am convinced that it is at least as effective as the pharmaceuticals I have previously taken and there is credible, evidence based research to suggest that it very likely has other health benefits too.

Post 2

Yes, it is a very useful thing.

In India it is an ancient herb. most of the people consider it as master herb. Also, you can mix the paste of turmeric and some salt on swollen area. make a plaster using hot water and plaster it when it's tolerably hot.

next time you can try it if you have a cough. mix it in a glass of hot milk. -Kinjal

Post 1

I discovered fresh turmeric about a month and a half ago. My ankles and feet were swollen for over two weeks and my right knee was inflamed with osteoarthritis. Anyway, my sister's cook made fresh turmeric tea for me, just the way ginger tea is made.

I drank two mugs that night. I was also suffering from a mild attack of food poisoning. I was so miserable. When I woke up ext morning, the swelling was gone, my digestive tract was feeling somewhat normal (I refused to take any medicine) and I could tolerate the pain on my knee.

So I experimented drinking as much as I could of the turmeric tea and I could bend my knee already and

no signs of ankle and feet swelling! Today, I can say that I can kneel as long as I want, I walk without a limp and the veins behind my legs which were protruding have disappeared. I do not take any other prescriptions except my hbp pills. My back doesn't hurt anymore and I don't labor when I go up and down the stairs.

This is a miracle. I even sprinkle the powder on my cat's wet and dry food and I notice that he goes to his litter more often. He supposedly has the beginning of kidney problems! And he jumps up and down as if he were a kitten. He is almost 10 years old. By the way, my uncle who's had swollen feet for so long, has been drinking this turmeric tea ever since I recommended it to him. He is amazed that he can now put his feet in his shoes without it looking like a muffin and the pain has also gone.

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