What Is Tubular Adenocarcinoma?

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Tubular adenocarcinoma is a cancerous tumor having glandular properties. Definitive diagnosis requires a tissue biopsy, as some growths may be benign tumors or adenomas. The growths may appear in any organ. Depending on the location, patients may have the growths for years without experiencing symptoms.

The abnormal cells typically grow in the epithelium. The cancerous lesions often display a distinct periphery and have a different pigmentation than the surrounding healthy cells. Tissue overlying the cancer may appear puckered. The cells may or may not develop out of glandular tissue but often produce gland-like, tubular cells that produce mucin. A tissue biopsy generally provides a positive diagnosis.

Staging the cancerous growths generally involves evaluating the level of glandular formation within the structure. Pathologists assess the cell features and the amount of abnormal cell reproduction. The presence and amount of tissue necrosis and solid material within the tumor are also determining factors. Physicians usually describe tubular adenocarcinoma as being in one of three stages: well-, moderately-, and poorly-differentiated.

Well-differentiated tubular adenocarcinoma typically contains well-formed glands throughout the structure, and the cells may appear similar to healthy tissue. Moderately differentiated tumors may contain a combination of well and poorly developed glandular cells. Poorly differentiated tumors may not have glandular cells, and those that are present usually appear extremely irregular. These advanced tumors also have a combination of singular and clustered cells.


In the gastrointestinal tract, tubular adenocarcinoma may occur following chronic conditions that include Chron’s disease, esophageal reflux, and ulcers. Repeated tissue injury and repair are thought to contribute to eventual abnormal tissue formation. Studies indicate that tubular adenocarcinoma in the lungs is the most common form of lung cancer in nonsmokers and women. The lesions tend to develop on the periphery and do not produce the typical chronic cough or cough that produces blood.

Tubular adenocarcinoma makes up 1%-2% percent of breast cancers. When properly diagnosed, this type of breast cancer has an excellent prognosis, as it rarely metastasizes. Tubular adenocarcinoma may also develop in the kidneys, thyroid, or reproductive organs.

Chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery are all options for treating tubular adenocarcinoma, and biological and hormone therapies are also available. The method or methods of treatment generally depend on the size and location of the cancer, though the age and health of the patient are also considerations. As many conventional treatments destroy both healthy and cancerous tissue, patients usually require medication for side effects.


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My champion seal point Siamese male cat Fluffy has

tubular adenocarcinoma in his left jaw, throat, ear, etc. areas near his face.

What do I feed him, for he is still eating well, as he has had one surgery, and the tumors came back heavily (three tumors now) in the same side and areas of his face). Surgery would only spread the cancer further.

What is the best diet for a champion like Fluffy who got stricken with tubular adenocarcinoma from horrific exposure to vinyl chloride from a motel which decided to use vinyl chloride to adhere their pvc/water pipes together using cheap labor help, rather than their following protocol in merely "replacing the hot water heater" with a new one.

What foods are best for someone or a cat with this disease?

Thank you ever so kindly. My cat is my world, and he is only 9 years old.

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