What is Tuberculinum?

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A small part of homeopathy revolves around remedies that are prepared from sterilized bacteria, such as tuberculinum. A preparation of tuberculinum or dead tuberculosis bacilli was discovered in the late 1800s and was initially believed to treat and prevent tuberculosis. In modern times, it is rarely used to treat tuberculosis, but is commonly used to treat respiratory tract ailments, such as coughs, bronchitis, colds, and hay fever. It also can be recommended for arthritic pains and neurotic behavior.

To make the tuberculinum preparation, bacilli are removed from people afflicted with tuberculosis or from bovine lymph gland tissues. The bacilli are sterilized. Then, they are dissolved in water that has been purified. Lastly, the preparation is diluted with distilled, purified water and shaken vigorously. The preparation is typically made into tablets or pellets for consumption.

A person suffering from a dry, recurrent cough accompanied by night sweats and a fever may be a prime candidate for a preparation made from tuberculinum. Many homeopathic practitioners recommend the preparation if a person is susceptible to bronchitis, colds, asthma, or if there has been a family history of tuberculosis. People who have a weak build and who appear to have a sunken or deep-set chest may also be recommended this remedy. Some practitioners believe the preparation is helpful to treat allergies, although that is less common.


Some other conditions that may be treated through the use of tuberculinum are arthritic pains and neurotic behavior. Specifically, if a person suffers from achy joints and pains that move from one body part to the next, she may be recommended this remedy. In addition, if the person has some stiffness, weariness, or restlessness in her limbs, a practitioner may advise that she may use the remedy. Practitioners may also propose the remedy to people who are prone to malicious behavior, discontent, and irritability.

Before beginning a remedy involving tuberculinum, some believe it is important to determine whether it fits with the personality of the patient. Many homeopathic remedy practitioners believe that different remedies work for certain personality types. For example, tuberculinum is believed to work best when a person is intense and yearns for change and stimulation. As a result, a person who is laid back and content may not be advised to use this remedy, even if she has respiratory symptoms.

In most areas, the bacilli used to make the remedy are difficult to obtain. Tablets containing the prepared bacilli can be purchased at homeopathic stores and on-line. As with any remedy, it is important to consult a professional before using tuberculinum.


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Just had to reply to anon220332 in case any asthma eczema sufferers are reading. I had a recurrence of asthma for five years and in the last two years since moving near the seaside, have had terrible eczema. I tried loads of healthy diets and creams. In the end I tried a homeopath. I was given thee small white tablets of Tuberculinum to take three hours apart. Within two days, all the itching disappeared and the asthma all but went. Four weeks on, all eczema has pretty much healed and no asthma at all.

Post 2

Gosh the 'wisdom' that proceeds out of ignorance is astounding to me!

Tell my horse that he had a placebo when he was given Ledum for a near fatal tick bite. He was lying on the ground sinking quickly when I gave him a tiny pillule of Ledum. He was on his feet within a minute. If people are going to put in their 10 cents worth then please do the research before making judgements about things that you just don't understand!

Post 1

Do you think it's wise to pass off pseudoscience as something valid? Homeopathy is no more effective than placebo, because the dilutions are utterly devoid of any of the original ingredient. Please think twice before allowing people to believe it could be a serious treatment for any ailment. At best it's irresponsible, at worst, it's mortally dangerous.

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