What is Truck Driver Recruiting?

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Truck driver recruiting is an effort to attract current or potential truck drivers. In some cases, efforts are made to attract these individuals to a certain company. In other instances, recruiting efforts may seek to attract individuals to the industry.

Typically, truck drivers are essential in most countries. A large portion of the goods that people use every day must be transported by truck at some point. This means that it is essential to have a sufficient workforce. Truck driver recruiting can be helpful in this regard because there are some instances when enough people are not attracted to the industry or to a certain sector.

Truck driver recruiting can begin at the educational level. Sometimes truck driving schools attempt to recruit students. If they get students into their programs, not only is it a benefit for them, but it can be a benefit for the industry as well. People who invest in such educational programs are likely to work in that field.

Hosting or participating in job fairs is one way that truck driver recruiting is carried out. There are often representatives from both schools and employers at these events. They may hand out pamphlets, audio visual materials, or small tokens such as pens and magnets. There usually are efforts made to converse with people, especially those who display significant interest. Those interested individuals may be able to fill out applications or contact forms on-site.


Career days are another means of attracting people to the industry. These provide an opportunity for those in the trucking industry to access a group of individuals who are in the process of considering a career path. It is sometimes easier to attract these individuals to the industry than it is to attract people who are already engaged in other careers.

Truck driver recruiting does not always focus on new and inexperienced individuals. In many instances truck driver recruiting focuses on experienced drivers. This may be done if a particular area, company, or sector either has a shortage or foresees a labor shortage. In these cases, efforts may be made to attract drivers from another company or another city. There may also be efforts to get more drivers interested in certain types of truck driving jobs, such as dump truck driving or long distance truck driving.

Efforts for experienced truck driver recruiting often involve making attractive offers. These may include health, vacation, and retirement benefits. The offers also commonly include higher wages and sign-on bonuses. In some instances, referral programs allow existing employees to earn money when they suggest a person for hire and the suggestion turns into a positive working relationship.


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