What is Truck Advertising?

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Truck advertising is a form of mobile advertising which is placed on trucks. Trucks can make an excellent vehicle, so to speak, for advertising because they often cover large areas of ground, ensuring that ads attached to their sides will be seen by numerous people. Companies with their own truck fleets may use their trucks for advertising as well as transport, and it's also possible to negotiate a deal with a company which leases ad space on trucks.

A classic example of truck advertising can be seen on the sides of trucks owned by companies which use their trucks for delivery. A beer company, for example, usually owns numerous big rig trucks which are used to truck beer around the company's delivery area. The truck is wrapped in an ad for the company so that in the areas the truck passes through, people will see the ads. Since the trucks move through the delivery area, the advertising is highly efficient because it is only seen in areas where people can buy the advertised goods.

Companies which use trucks to deliver goods by contract to numerous companies, rather than handling deliveries for a specific company, can work out a contract with a truck advertising company. The advertising company places ads on trucks for clients and compensates the trucking company. Companies requesting ad placement usually specify the areas in which they want the ads to appear, and pay varying amounts, depending on how long the ads run and how much competition there is in a given market.

Trucks can be used like mobile billboards, delivering advertising content even in areas where billboards are not common. In areas where paying for a billboard might not be profitable, paying to ensure that passing trucks carry ads can be more efficient. Sometimes truck advertising can also circumvent certain types of advertising bans or restrictions which make it difficult to advertise as desired in a given area.

For the company paying for the ad, truck advertising can be quite expensive. Wraps for trucks tend to go at a premium, because there are a limited number of trucks available and there can be fierce competition for available ad space. Such ad campaigns may be launched in tangent with other types of advertising for a blitz marketing campaign which is designed to generate maximum returns on the funds invested in advertising. The ads must also be specially designed by companies which are familiar with the needs and restrictions of truck advertising, and people can pay a premium for the design of the ad before they've even found a truck to put it on.

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Post 5

I agree with @Feryll. The ads that I remember are the ones that I see or hear over and over again. However, I don't really notice billboards when I am driving. I am more likely to be swayed to buy a product because of radio advertising. There isn't much to do when you are stuck in rush-hour traffic, so the radio is good company.

Post 4

I guess it depends on what you are advertising, but seems to me that moving ads on trucks would be too much of a hit-and-miss way of spending your advertising money. The ads that stick in my head are the ones I see over and over again.

I can list practically all of the billboards I see on my drive into work and then on the drive back home. When you see them five days a week, they have a way of sticking in your head. I don't remember the ones I see on trucks as well because I don't see the same ones nearly as much as I see the billboards.

Post 2

I imagine one of the best things about advertising on trucks is that you get your ads moving all over the place. I mean, how much better is a moving ad than a sign that stays in one place? I never give much thought to advertising, but I think ads probably work best when we don't know they are influencing us.

I see ads for radio personalities and other things on the sides of the city buses where I live. I have never heard the shows of many of the DJs on the ads, but I can put their faces with their names and I know the times of their shows simply because I see the ads on the buses.

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