What is Trip Protection?

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Trip protection is travel insurance designed to protect travelers when an unusual event affects the ability to start or complete a vacation. These events might include becoming seriously ill before departure, becoming ill during the vacation, and needing medical transportation during the trip. Other options can include remuneration for lost or stolen baggage, interruptions because of terrorism, and interruptions because of missed flights. Policies for trip protection are often offered as a package deal that include several benefits. It is important to read a policy carefully before making a purchase to understand exactly what is and what is not covered and to understand what pre-existing medical condition clauses the contract includes.

Taking a vacation can be a serious financial investment. Trip protection insurance offers a way to be reimbursed for some, if not all, of the costs of a trip is that interrupted. While it may not be a good investment for a short, domestic vacation, trip protection insurance can be a wise buy if traveling abroad or taking a cruise.


One should read a trip protection policy thoroughly, including the fine print. What a policy does not cover is almost as important as what the policy covers. For example, if the vacation is going to be spent in a area that experiences earthquakes and the policy does not reimburse travelers for vacations interrupted by earthquakes, the traveler may not be able to recoup the investment made for the vacation if an earthquake occurs. In addition, verbal assurances about the benefits should be ignored. If a benefit is not in writing, the benefit does not exist.

Another important part of any trip protection insurance is clauses that exclude pre-existing medical conditions. Trip insurance will generally pay a benefit if illness cancels a vacation, but it will not pay a benefit if that illness is a pre-existing condition specifically excluded by the policy. Read the policy carefully, particularly regarding the number of days that are allowed to lapse between the time an illness or medical condition develops and the date of the trip.

In addition, before one buys trip protection insurance, a traveler should compare policies from different companies to get the best deal possible. The traveler should compare all of the options in the contract with other policies before choosing travel insurance. In addition, the company chosen should be financially solid and have a good reputation.


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