What is Tricotene Fabric?

Malcolm Tatum

As a material option that is ideal for warmer climates, tricotene fabric is considered one of the best choices when the garments need to hold their shape and still allow cooling breezes to pass through the fibers. Here are some characteristics of tricotene fabric, as well as a few examples of how tricotene fabric is used for both clothing choices and as a handy material around the house.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

Produced to be a tropic-weight wool, tricotene fabric has the cooling properties that are associated with most summertime wool blends. The light wool fabric is produced with a plain weave that freely allows for air circulation, but is tight enough to create the ability to take a crease or pressing easily.

Tricotene fabric also tends to resist wrinkling, which is a big advantage when the material is used to manufacture casual clothing for warm weather use. Along with the wrinkle-resistant qualities, tricotene fabric drapes very well, which also helps to keep the look sleek and polished, even with a pair of casual walking shorts.

When it comes to clothing, tricotene fabric is a popular choice for use in casual pants for men. Tricotene slacks come in all colors and can be made into all sorts of styles, from good looking Chino style pants for day wear and drawstring pants that are ideal for casual wear in the evening. Men may also enjoy casual shorts made of tricotene fabric, given their lightweight construction and the ability of the material to not wilt into a shapeless mass during humid days.

In like manner, pantsuits for women are often made with tricotene fabric. Because the material holds its shape so well, it is possible to create a wide range of tricotene pantsuits featuring all sorts of cuts and styles. The warm weather appeal of the fabric makes it possible for the pantsuit to look as fresh at the end of the day as it did early in the morning. As a material that moves easily with the wearer, tricotene fabric does not create any of the unnecessary rustling sounds that are so often associated with lightweight synthetic fabrics. Because tricotene fabric is made with wool, the pantsuit will most likely be out of style long before the material wears out.

For anyone who wants to look good while living and working in tropical locations, tricotene fabric is an ideal way to achieve this goal. Between the breathability of the material and the fact that a well cut tricotene outfit will not lose shape or begin to wilt even when the humidity is high, tricotene fabric is a must for just about any tropical wardrobe.

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