What Is Triamcinolone Dental Paste?

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The medication triamcinolone is an anti-inflammatory steroid drug that is sometimes used to treat skin conditions. When applied as a paste, it can also be used to treat a variety of painful mouth sores. This paste is normally applied right before bed and allowed to set. When necessary, it can be used two to three times during the day to aid in treatment, as well.

Triamcinolone dental paste is applied directly to sores, since such an application allows the maximum amount of medication to be absorbed into the affected area. A small amount should be used, and should be rubbed thoroughly on the sore to form a thin coating over it. Using a cotton swab is usually the most effective option for this task, since touching the paste with the hands can cause it to become gritty.

Doctors and dentists will often prescribe triamcinolone dental paste for a number of sores and ulcers. Generally, it is not used for sores caused by herpes, due to its tendency to lower the immune system. Some individuals with certain medical conditions should not use this paste, however. Diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, and immune disorders can all influence how one responds to this medication, so it is important that a doctor knows a patient's full medical history before prescribing this dental paste.


Most medications have side effects, and triamcinolone is not an exception. The side effects of triamcinolone dental paste are relatively mild, however, since it is a topical medication and not directly ingested. Rashes and skin problems may sometimes occur from taking this medication, but should not be cause for concern. A doctor should be contacted, however, if the sores begin to develop pus, or if breathing difficulties or wheezing occur after using the paste. Blisters in the mouth and white patches in the throat are other side effects that could require a doctor's attention.

Triamcinolone dental paste, like other steroid medications, works by suppressing the inflammatory response of the immune system. For this reason, it may weaken overall immune responses in the body. When using the paste, it is important to avoid individuals with illnesses, since its use may compromise the immune response to the point that it becomes easier to contract diseases.

Depending on the manufacturer, triamcinolone dental paste may be available with different forms of the triamcinolone salt. These different forms still have the same active ingredient, but bound to different chemicals to form a salt. Various salts may have different strengths, with triamcinoline acetonide being one of the stronger forms.


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