What is Trademark Management Software?

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Trademark management software allows the trademark management department of a company to manage their portfolio of trademarks, help them with enforcement, track dates, help them to secure the rights to a mark and to promote collaboration within a company. Managing and protecting a company’s brand and image is vital for a consistent and stable image. Trademark management software allows a company to monitor and keep up-to-date with trademark laws and licenses and provides detailed reports of a company’s brand portfolio.

Record keeping is an essential function of trademark management software. Records of trademark filings for registration, disputes, image logs, contracts and assignments are filed in the software database. The software will also house scanned files and allows for diary-like entries to create a complete record of information and correspondence regarding a trademark. All interactions with attorneys, brand managers and inventors can also be recorded in the record-keeping function of the software.

Trademark docketing is one of the most important features of trademark management software. It helps keep track of all dates and deadlines and will send reminders to any assigned staff members or attorneys. Important docketing dates include renewals, expirations, ITU deadlines and Sec 8 Affidavits. Many programs automatically calculate the dates based on the prosecution date, the country and the type of filing.


Managing the workflow involved in trademark management is another important part of trademark management software. Customizing the company’s workflow and the process of filing, responding to claims, providing notice of allowances, management of certificates of registrations and other processes can be monitored. Departments can also customize workflow checklists and e-mail reminders in the software to increase communication between departments and outside contractors and to ensure that procedures and processes are being fulfilled. Trademark management software will also allow various staff members in different departments to work together to review and approve trademark requests and to keep track of searches and information.

Budgeting and managing the spending of a trademark department can be completed by a software program as well. Estimates and the actual cost of services are recorded and analytics and reports can be generated. The department can create invoices and manage payments using the software’s database as well. Through the software, e-mail alerts also can be set up to notify the department of pre-defined cost benchmarks so that resources are allotted efficiently and budgets are maintained.

The trademark department also utilizes reports and data analysis to present information regarding prosecution actions, spending and performance to company leaders. Robust reports generated by trademark management software can assist a company in analyzing data and creating custom reports. Due to the efficiency and workflow solutions created through management software, a trademark department can improve their performance, management and knowledge of trademark and intellectual property information.


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