What Is Tokwa at Baboy?

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Tokwa at baboy, or tokwa't baboy, is a common Filipino dish that is usually eaten as an appetizer or side dish. The main ingredients of the dish are pork and tofu that are then deep-fried together. Other flavorings such as onions, chili peppers and soy sauce can also be added. While pig ears are typically used to make this dish, some people prefer to use other cuts of pork. The fattier cuts are desirable as they tend to absorb the flavor of the broth and other ingredients more readily.

Preparing and cooking tokwa at baboy is a fairly simple and quick process. The tofu is placed in a pan and fried until it is brown and crisp in texture then diced into small cubes. After the pork is boiled in a salt and water solution, the meat is sliced and mixed in with the tofu. Depending on the individual taste of the cook, onions, garlic, vinegar, and a variety of other ingredients can then be added. Tokwa at baboy is sometimes served with rice pudding, or congee, which is basically rice boiled and reduced in water, creating a thick soup-like pudding.


One of the main parts of tokwa at baboy, tofu, is found in many dishes from Southeast Asia and is considered by some people to have certain health related properties. Produced from coagulated soybean milk, tofu is high in isoflavones and is thought to aid in lowering cholesterol and heart disease, as well as assisting blood to clot. This rather bland food is low in sodium and fat content and is known to have many health benefits for those who consume it on a regular basis. Because tofu is a good source of protein with very little fat, it is often used to help facilitate weight loss. It is also high in omega-three acids, iron and calcium.

Pork belly is another fatty cut of pork that is used in preparing and cooking tokwa at baboy. Cuts such as pork tenderloin and center loin are usually avoided due to the lean content of the meat. A base sauce of soy sauce blended with vinegar is what gives tokwa at baboy its distinctive flavor. For some people the flavor is a little sour for their taste and they will often sweeten the mixture by adding a pinch of sugar. In many Asian countries this dish is a great favorite to be eaten during sporting events, along with a cold beer.


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