What is There to do in Pensacola, Florida with Children?

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For anyone that is thinking about a trip to Florida with children, the city of Pensacola is an ideal destination. As one of the most family friendly communities in the South, the city of Pensacola, Florida provides the perfect setting of pristine white beaches and a wide selection of amusements that are great for the entire family. Here are examples of just a few of the activities that await visitors to Pensacola that prove a trip to Florida with children can be a great idea.

Making a trip to Pensacola with children along can easily begin by taking in a few sites of interest. Among the choices that will delight adult and child alike is Historic Pensacola Village. Giving a glimpse into 19th century life in the area, the Village has over twenty preserved sites that include a general store, horse stable, examples of city houses and country homes, houses of worship and a one room community school. All of the properties are decorated with furnishings that are from the era, and a number of the building have some interesting stories to tell. Pensacola Village is a great way for the kids to learn a little about history, as well as get a glimpse of how kids lived and played in a bygone era.


One of the musts when visiting Pensacola with children is The Zoo & Botanical Gardens, located in the suburb of Gulf Breeze. Located just fifteen miles from downtown, the Zoo is fifty acres of beautifully landscaped property that contains a section devoted to the care and housing of more than nine hundred different types of wildlife. The Safari Line, a train that winds its way through the park, allows guests to catch glimpses of some of the free roaming animals on the property, such as gazelles and wildebeests. All the traditional zoo animals are part of the enclosed exhibit sections, so everyone can still enjoy seeing lions, tigers, bears, hippos and zebras.

The Wildlife Theater provides visitors to Pensacola with children the chance to escape the Southern heat and enjoy animal shows and wildlife documentaries. For anyone planning an extended stay in Pensacola with children in tow, there are also ongoing programs for the kids, such as ZOOcamp and ZOOsnooze, which are overnight excursions for preteen age children. Adults will also enjoy the beautiful Japanese Garden, with its wide array of botanicals, as well as the flora and fauna that is found in every section of the facility.

The National Museum of Naval Aviation is a natural choice for visitors to Pensacola with children along. Considered to be the second largest aviation museum in the world, the museum features at least one example of every aircraft ever developed for service in the United States Navy. Detailed information about various encounters involving the U.S. Navy in all the major wars is found as part of the displays, as well as in documentaries that are shown in the theaters. Background on critical development of Naval strategies over the history of the Naval Forces is also presented, including the history of when and how those strategies were conceived and utilized.

Of course, no trip to Pensacola with children would be complete without getting in some beach time. The white sands of the beaches along the Pensacola coast rival anything found elsewhere in the world. With miles of public beaches that are well maintained, there is always a spot somewhere to set up, dig in and have a great day at the beach. A number of restaurants, locally owned souvenir shops and food stands make it easy for everyone to enjoy a cold drink or a quick meal, then get back to the sand and the waves. For anyone considering a vacation to Pensacola with children coming along, there is plenty to see and do. Just remember to spend a little time relaxing while enjoying the amenities offered within the community.


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