What is There to do in Newark, Delaware?

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Newark, Delaware, is one of the oldest cities in the state. Founded in 1694 by British settlers, Newark quickly became an educational center for the northern Delaware area. The University of Delaware, one of the oldest in the country, dates back to 1833, although the present name didn't come into use until 1921. Nowadays, thousands of students enroll in the university every year, making it one of the most popular in the northeast. The Christiana Mall, located right in the heart of Newark, is Delaware's largest shopping center and one of the best when it comes to tax-free shopping.

Newark is surrounded by flat terrain, which makes it ideal for hiking and horse back riding. Iron Hill Park and White Clay Creek State Park are especially popular with visitors, although other areas attract nature lovers as well. For those wishing to stay closer, the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens is located right on the university campus, and feature a series of gardens, including a wildflower area. The University of Delaware also houses the Mineralogical Museum, which features a large collection of mineral specimens.


With less than 30,000 inhabitants, Newark has the feel of a small town, which makes it ideal for those looking for a break from the hurried city life. Newark has a young night life, due in part to the presence of students around. Pubs and cafes abound, especially on Main Street, and many work well into the night, even on weeknights. The Deer Park Tavern is actually a small inn that prides itself for having had Edgar Allan Poe as a guest back in the 19th century. For other bits of the local history of Newark, the Iron Hill Museum offers visitors a quick glance into the colonial iron mines that helped forge the economic history of the area, and the Cooch's Bridge is an interesting stop for those wishing to see the only official battleground of the Revolutionary War in Delaware.

The Tri-State Bird Rescue and Research is a must-see for visitors to Newark. The center, which cares for injured wild birds, is open to visitors only by appointment, but the extra effort is well worth it. A quick phone call can also let you know of upcoming workshops and events at the center.


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