What is There to do in Miami, Florida with Children?

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It would be difficult to run out of things to do if you’re in Miami with children. There are numerous terrific activities for the whole family, and many of them offer special one of a kind experiences. There’s much to amuse, entertain and educate the littlest kids to the oldest ones.

One of the most popular attractions when you’re in Miami with children is Parrot Jungle Island, which was moved and rebuilt in 2003. This can be a pricey trip, 50 US dollars (USD) for adults and about 40 USD for children for admission. Yet it offers you a chance to see hundreds of tropical birds, some of the rarest species on the planet, while also exploring the lush 18-plus acres of tropics. Most trips to Parrot Jungle Island are guided and can be arranged prior to your arriving in Miami.

Obviously, Miami is also known for its beaches, and many of these can be accessed for free. If you want to get a little more up close and personal with some of the ocean’s residents, consider a trip to the Miami Seaquarium, where you can meet turtles, sharks (in a safe setting), and killer whales. Alternately, head out to the open space Miami Zoo, which boasts over 900 animals to meet.


If you’re in Miami with children and want to up your coolness factor, consider a trip to the nearby Everglades Alligator farm, where you can watch literally thousands of gators in their natural setting. Alternately, if the kids are still begging for more wildlife, consider visiting Monkey Jungle when you’re in Miami. Kids can leap with lemurs and visit with many different primate species in a South American rainforest setting.

If it’s time to cool off, which you may need to when you’re in Miami with children, consider ice skating at the Miami Ice Arena. Alternately, plan a visit to the Coral Gables Venetian Pool. This is an exceptional swimming arena, featuring caves, waterfalls, and an island. Do note that your children must be three feet (.92 m) tall and must be at least three years old to swim. When in Miami with young children, you can still find a terrific pool at Flamingo Park in South Beach. There is a mini-waterpark for the young fry that will help keep them cool during hot weather.

There are two great facilities that will make a visit to Miami with children exceptional. The Miami Children’s Museum is sure to delight children of all ages with plenty of hands on exhibits and lots of opportunities to learn about Miami from a scientific perspective. The second facility, Wannado City, is just a little outside Miami in the neighboring town of Sunrise. Wannado City allows children to take part in running a city, choosing a career, and learning how to play with wonga currency. This is a great way for kids to learn about city management, offering a variety of participatory activities.

Don’t forget the many points of historical interest when you’re visiting Miami with children. The Gold Coast Railroad Museum, The Wings Over Miami and Classic Aircraft Museum, and the Lowe Art Museum are all worth a look. Barnacle State Historic Site offers all visitors a look at early pioneers in the Miami area and Deering Estate provides a terrific record not only of European settlers in Florida, but also of Native American populations that once called Miami their home.


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Post 7

Fabulous Miami activities for kids should include roller blading through Coconut Grove, visiting the Metro zoo and the Jewish Museum of Florida, which tells the story of the Jewish experience in Florida since they first arrived in 1763, a great place to learn the Jewish Story.

Our other favorite place to take our kids is Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, a national historic landmark. This is a wonderful place to take your annual family photo (for Christmas or Hanukkah cards). There have been many famous visitors here; from kings and queens, to popes.

Post 6

We go to Miami often. Obviously there are a lot of things to do in Miami, the city has it all.

My best friend still lives there and our kids love it when we take turns going to the east coast (Miami) and then the west coast (Naples).

In Miami, our pre-teens love a variety of activities, but so far, they've had the most fun on the Everglades Airboat rides. Seeing alligators up-close isn't new to them but riding at high speeds through their habitat was a whole new experience. The guides made the whole afternoon a wild ride we'll never forget!

Post 5

where is wannadoo city? in miami?

Post 4

I've been living in Miami for about 20 years and don't recall it ever being this hot. This year, the heat is brutal! And summer has just begun! I took my 17 month old to Metro Zoo on the weekend of July 4th and although it was a lot of fun, it was way too hot.

Last week, we decided better to stay indoors and set a play date with a bunch of my mommy friends at Miami Children's Museum and we all love it! There is lots to do. I even took my four year old niece with us and she also had a blast, especially dressing up as a firefighter and sliding down the fire station pole.


the little kiddies love taking stuff off the shelves and picking the veggies at Publix. I thought my daughter might be a little scared with the Dino exhibit, but she actually loved it and was pointing at everything that moved. We basically spent the whole day and it was definitely worth the $12 for Fl. residents. I believe Wanna Do City is at least double that price so for now I'm sticking with MCM.
Post 2

Sunny27- I agree with you. Wannado City is so much fun. I also wanted to add that the Miami Children’s Museum is also great. This museum is completely interactive which makes it incredibly entertaining for children that can’t sit still.

There are so many exhibits that you really need several hours to see everything. Also, on the third Friday of the month, there is free admission after 3pm. They also offer summer camps and birthday parties as well. I had a party there for my son and daughter and their friends could not stop talking about it.

Post 1

Great article- I have to agree that Wannado City is fantastic. It is an indoor theme park in which children get to play out various professions.

By wearing costumes and engaging in tasks that the professional would engage in, a child learns and begins to develop insight as to what the profession entails. It is an educational and entertaining experience that children and parents love.

They also offer a year-long pass for $100 per child for unlimited admission along with a summer pass for unlimited admission to Miami Zoo, formerly known as Metro Zoo, the Miami Sequarium and Lion Safari. It is really a great deal.

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