What is There to do in Los Angeles with Children?

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Families visiting Los Angeles with children have access to a number of great attractions. L.A., the second largest city in the country right after New York, has a Mediterranean climate, which makes it ideal for a number of outdoor activities, especially those that have to do with water sports.

If you are visiting Los Angeles with children, you may want to head to the beach first, as there are many that cater to families by offering rides, concessions, and playgrounds right on the sand. Whale and dolphin watching tours can also be accessed right at the water's edge, and are a must for animal lovers. The Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens are a popular stop for those visiting Los Angeles with children. The large grounds are home to over a thousand species and a successful breeding program that has helped save the California condor from extinction.

Another popular activity for families vacationing in Los Angeles with children is the Travel Town Museum, which features everything from locomotives to freight cars and cabooses. The outdoor exhibits allow visitors to climb into the wagons and experience first-hand what historical travel was like. A scaled version of an antique locomotive offers kids a chance to ride around the museum grounds.


The Museum of the American West is another great example of what people stopping in Los Angeles with children can enjoy. The museum has stagecoaches, original badges, and clothing in exhibition, along with several hands-on areas where children can become cowboys and ride a virtual horse. Other children's museums in the area include the Kidspace Children’s Museum, which features a giant Kaleidoscope and a real bat cave; the Bowers Kidseum, which focus on different world cultures; and the Guinness World of Records museum, which is as popular with kids as it is with parents. Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! in Laguna Beach, is also worth the extra driving time.

Families who are visiting Los Angeles with children but want to stay out of the beaten path may want to head to Los Angeles Medieval Times, a two-hour dinner show with real horses, sword fighting, and some very magical special effects. The Bronson Caves, which are open for tours, is another attraction that is sometimes overlooked and that it may appeal to those visiting Los Angeles with children. The Museum of Neon Art is also great fun for older kids.


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Post 3

When we were visiting Los Angeles, my son and I had an evening open for just two of us. We decided to visit the Ripley's Believe It Or Not! I didn't know quite what to expect and didn't think it would be that interesting.

I was in for a pleasant surprise and we stayed until they were ready to close their doors. My son was 12 when we visited and he was fascinated with all the strange exhibits! I don't think it would hold the attention of younger kids as much, but this was a perfect for his age.

It was interesting for me too. Some of the things are so crazy they really hard to believe and we were entertained for hours.

Post 2

There is no shortage of places in Los Angeles for kids to enjoy. It is not hard to find a good beach to relax and enjoy the water. We went to Redondo Beach which is not too far away. We rented wet suits for the older kids and they had a lot of fun learning to surf.

There are also a lot of great museums. One of our favorites that we would visit many times over is the Museum of the American West. Not only is it reasonably priced, but very interesting and educational for kids to learn about early pioneers and movie footage from Buffalo Bill's wild west show.

Post 1

We live close to the Los Angeles area, and enjoy making a trip to the zoo every so often. One of my kids favorite places to visit at the zoo is the koalas and kangaroos. After that we spend time watching the gorillas and chimpanzees.

There is so much to see and do at this zoo, that you can spend an entire day there and feel like there is still more to see. It depends on how much time you spend at each exhibit. I could spend all afternoon just watching all the monkeys!

Another advantage of the Los Angeles zoo is they have free parking.

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