What is There to do for Free in San Antonio, Texas?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

For families looking to enjoy a good old-fashioned Texas vacation on a budget, there are quite a few things to do for free in San Antonio. From history to culture all the way through to hiking, the city offers a wide array of budget stretching activities that everyone can enjoy.

Festivals, walking trails and more are free attractions in San Antonio.
Festivals, walking trails and more are free attractions in San Antonio.

No trip to San Antonio is complete without a visit to the Alamo. Three buildings located downtown near the historic Riverwalk stand as a way to commemorate the 189 Texans who fell when Mexican forces captured the Alamo on 6 March 1836. Surrounding the buildings is just over 4 acres (1.6 hectares) of beautiful landscaped grounds that provide serenity to the property that is in keeping with remembering the Alamo. Open daily, Alamo Plaza is one of the most popular sites that can be seen for free.

Many hotels in the San Antonio region offer pools and other summer activities for visitors to enjoy.
Many hotels in the San Antonio region offer pools and other summer activities for visitors to enjoy.

Along with the Alamo, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park provides another example of free places in downtown San Antonio. Composed of four frontier missions along the river, the park features a walking trail that runs by a number of exhibits of old Spanish mission life, as well as providing a refreshing way to walk through downtown while checking out local restaurants.

The Witte Museum has been providing a source of entertainment and education to people in San Antonio since the early part of the 20th century. As part of its ongoing community commitment, the museum offers free admission on Tuesday afternoons that allows families to explore all the exhibits currently on display. Along with exhibits that cover history and natural science, there are also interactive games and exhibits that teach even as they amuse adults and children alike.

Eisenhower Park provides just over 300 acres (121.4 hectares) of woodlands, creek beds, and canyons that are accessed by way of a series of paths that wind their way through the park. This is a great, free place to spend the day hiking and enjoy a picnic near one of the dry creek beds. The Cedar Flats Trail winds it’s way to the highest point in the park, where an observation deck affords a sweeping view of the landscape.

With so many things to do for free in San Antonio, it is easy to have a vacation that is fun filled and economical when visiting the city. For more examples, check with the city tourism department.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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If you want something to do and you don't want to pay then visit the Riverwalk. There are hotels on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, so if you stay in one of them then you can walk out the door and begin your tour.

There are shops, restaurants, bars, water rides and more along Riverwalk, but they cost money. However, I find walking the route and looking at the many sites and water views entertainment enough.


San Antonio is sometimes the forgotten jewel of Texas because of the larger cities in the state that attract so many tourists. There are also many rural tourists attractions in the state as well.

I think the article hit the nail on the head in that San Antonio is one of the best cities in terms of offering tourists interesting and fun attractions they don't have to pay to enjoy.

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