What is There to do for Free in Miami, Florida?

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Miami, Florida is a beautiful but potentially expensive place to visit. As your pocketbook begins to feel lighter on a trip there, you may want to take a break from spending and find some things to do for free in Miami. There are a few activities, even some of Miami’s main draws, that are always free. Further, if you pay attention to when you’re traveling, you can get into some of the paid attractions for free at certain times of the month.

Of course, one of the city’s main attractions is always free. The beaches of Miami are beautiful, and offer free access year round. Miami Beach evokes an island paradise, with its white sand beaches. South Beach, Lummus Park and North Beach are lovely places to visit, with wonderful opportunities to get your feet wet, and miles of white sand to simply admire. You can rent chairs at most of the beaches, but there’s no law against bringing your own towels, fold-up chairs, or picnic lunches for a day at the beach. In warm weather, don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled water too.


Miami is known for its many Cuban immigrants, who form a part of the city’s rich cultural heritage. One thing you can do for free in Miami is visit “Little Havana” or Calle Ocho. Like Chinatowns in many major cities, a visit to Little Havana, located between 14th and 17th Street is a unique experience. You are suddenly immersed in the culture of Cuban immigrants, with interesting stores, restaurants, and a terrific Domino park. You’ll note the main language spoken here is Spanish, though many of the residents of Calle Ocho are equally fluent in English.

You will find some great places to visit for free in Miami on certain days of the week or month. A number of Miami’s beautiful museums offer certain free days or free hours that you can take advantage of to save a little money. For instance, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden has a set your own admission (which can mean no admission) every first Wednesday of the month. You can visit the Miami Art Museum for free every Sunday and every second Saturday of the month. It’s always free for kids and students.

The Museum of Contemporary Art is free on Tuesdays, and The Wolfsonian is free after 6 pm on Fridays. If you’re traveling with kids, a great place to visit for free in Miami is the Miami Children’s Museum. You can get in free on every third Friday of the month from the hours of 6:30 pm to 8 pm.

Another place that is so inexpensive it can almost be considered free, is Barnacle Historic State Park. The admission price is one US dollar (USD) for adults and no charge for kids and students. You can enjoy free guided tours, view one of the oldest homes in the county, have a picnic, or sight some wildlife in this wooded area.

When you’re planning a trip to Miami, always check with your travel agent about packages that will allow you to do things for free in Miami that can otherwise be costly. If you’re booking your trip or hotel through an agent, or on the Internet, you can often find specials allowing you to visit some of the more pricey attractions. When these are unavailable, consider window shopping at some of Miami’s malls, visits to the many fine parks that you can enter for free in Miami, or any of the above activities for entertaining and inexpensive ways to spend your time.


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Post 5

Every major city has a good museum and other significant landmarks that tourists can visit for a relatively cheap amount of spending cash. Most museums will not charge much more then ten to twenty dollars for their entrance and can provide an entire day of entertainment and knowledge seeking if the subjects interest you.

Sometimes a more generalized museum such as a natural history museum can provide a greater subject range if you are trying to please an entire family of desires. Something more specific can always be enjoyed as well if it is an area if interest for the attendees.

Post 4

Another not free suggestion for a more family related activity while visiting Miami, Florida would be to explore the rental of a boat and taking it out on the open ocean. While I would not suggest this for the mariners that are less then savvy on the subject, this can be an incredible experience for those that have never had the chance to feel the ocean air sting their cheeks as they crest over the open waves.

If you are not confident enough to rent a boat on your own with your family, there are many options to explore in the realm of a guided tour. These tours can be on large or small vessels and there are even

options for chartering a private ride for just you and your loved ones to accompany you with dedicated boat, captain and crew. These options might get expensive but I can assure you that all budget levels can be found at the different harbors.

If fishing fits your fancy, there are many options for this activity as well. By joining a daily charter fishing companies excursion, you can combine your deep-sea fishing experience with many others and thus lowering your overall costs for the fun day.

Once again, these trips have many different levels of budgetary concerns and depending on how large of a vessel you want to go out on will determine how much you are going to pay for the outing.

Post 3

While it might not be completely free, I think that if you have any interest at all in photography, you would find that exploring Miami and taking pictures will only cost you what it takes in transportation and whatever costs you might have with you camera.

The different sights of both the wildlife and city are amazing. If you have the equipment, diving off the coast of Florida is incredible and I would recommend it to anyone who has any type of desire for underwater photography. The other places that you can look would be to the Cuban areas of town that as long as you go to safe parts, there is incredible culture that will ignite the inner

photojournalist in all of us. Only when you see the colors, food, smells, and sounds that make the neighborhoods come alive will you understand that an expensive trip to Miami is not the only way one can appreciate the city.

Grab you camera, any good lenses that you have an start shooting away. There is no lack in creative inspiration for taking pictures in Miami. Especially if you include the entire Dade County Miami area in your locations for potential photo shoots.

Post 2

I can tell you that there is one single and most important activity to do for free in Miami, Florida. Beach! The beaches of Miami are incredible and only when one actually goes to these beaches can they say that they have actually experienced what Miami has to offer.

There is no doubt that the clubs, bars and other adult related establishments are an absolute blast but the costs that it takes along with the hassles of getting into one of these idolized high-end clubs is ridiculous. I don't want to spend $500 on getting myself and my date drunk at some bar where drinks cost $20 or more a piece.

We can grab a bottle of wine, booze or six pack of beer and enjoy it for ourselves on the sand of the beautiful warm and welcoming Miami beaches.

Post 1

Great post. Thank you for sharing. I am a Miami resident and always looking for free places to go with the kids. There's also free admission on the Miami Children's Museum every third Friday of each month.

Millie G.

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