What is There to do for Free in Memphis, Tennessee?

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Memphis is home to the blues and the barbecue, but there is much more to this city. And best of all, some of the most interesting things can be done for free in Memphis. Some great free attractions here include the Peabody Ducks, Crystal Shrine Grotto, Schwab's, Elmwood Cemetery and the Wolf River Nature Area.

The March of the Peabody Ducks is a unique attraction that you can see for free in Memphis twice daily at the luxurious Peabody Hotel. At eleven in the morning the ducks march on a red carpet to swim in the marble fountain and they march back at five in the evening to be taken back to their rooftop home at the Hotel. This March has been a tradition here since 1930 when ducks were found living on the Peabody Hotel's roof. Every few months the ducks are moved to a wildlife reserve and new ducks are brought to the hotel.

The Crystal Shrine Grotto was created in the late 1930s by artist Dionicio Rodriguez and it is a work of art that you can see for free in Memphis. Rodriguez carved a cave in a rocky hillside and included biblical figures in his work. Panels that depict Jesus and other people from the Bible are inserted into the cave Rodriguez made out of thousands of semiprecious stones, rock and crystal.


Schwab's is a dry goods store that first opened for business in 1876. Schwab's has many of its original period items, making it a favorite site to visit for free in Memphis even though the store can be a little musty. Schwab's was known for its offbeat merchandise such as voodoo powder. Most of the store's equipment is also original.

You can tour the 1852 Elmwood Cemetery for free in Memphis. It's recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, but is also still in service. The Elmwood Cemetery has beautiful gardens and contains the gravesites of many military generals and politicians.

The Wolf River Nature Area offers many things to do for free in Memphis. Paddling, hiking, cycling and jogging are favorite activities here. The Wolf River Nature Area is known for wildlife such as fox, coyote, otter, deer and bobcat. Trees in the Area include hardwoods such as black gum, Tupelo gum, red maple and bald cypress.


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