What is the Video Game Industry?

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The video game industry is an economic sector that exists worldwide, but is particularly large in the United States, the United Kingdom, and a number of countries in Asia. The focus of this sector is the development and sales of video games, gaming systems, and gaming equipment. Professionals who work on the marketing and branding of video games and video game companies are also considered to be a part of this industry. There are myriad types of jobs in this field that range from art directors who oversee game graphics, to professionals who specialize in the sales of video games and related products.

The products produced by the video game industry vary quite a bit. While some games require a specific kind of gaming system, others can be used on a variety of gaming platforms. There are a number of video games that can be played using an Internet browser, and a number that can be downloaded onto a variety of kinds of personal computers. Some people who are very serious about gaming purchase high end computers that are able to run the latest, most cutting-edge games. The sale of these computers, which can be used for a variety of other purposes, are not necessarily considered to be part of the video game industry.


The sizes of the systems created by the video game industry also vary quite a bit. Some systems are small enough to fit inside a pocket. Video game systems that are designed for arcades, on the other hand, may be quite large. Some are large enough for two adults to sit or stand within the frame of the system.

Just as with any sector that focuses on the creation of digital media and entertainment, piracy is a big problem in the video game industry. While it is uncommon for gaming systems and platforms to be copied and counterfeit, software piracy abounds. Despite this problem, the video game industry has been continually growing since its establishment in the 1970s. With this in mind, some people are now beginning to train for a career in the industry while still in undergraduate school. A number of colleges offer courses in video game design and development.


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Video game industry is developing at a very high pace and with that, the games are becoming expensive which is getting heavy on gamers' pockets. It is better to buy your favorite games through subscription cards like PlayStation,

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It's no surprise the gaming industry is growing in spite of piracy -- most people do the right thing and purchase what they play. It is very unfortunate that those people have to pay for the wrongdoings of others (the cost of piracy if probably passed on to consumers, after all), but that has been a growing problem since the 1970s.

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