What Is the Treatment for Strep and Vomiting?

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Strep and vomiting usually do not go together, but when they do occur in unison, the combination can be painful and extremely unpleasant. It is important for patients to see a medical professional to rule out other illnesses and to find the appropriate treatments for strep and vomiting, but after a physician has been seen, there are certain things that can be done at home to manage the symptoms. The symptoms for strep are generally dealt with separately from vomiting, and treatments include antibiotics, throat treatments and rest. Vomiting can be managed through eating gentle foods, drinking a lot of fluids and discontinuing medications that disturb the stomach.

The treatment for strep throat usually involves antibiotics because strep is difficult to cure on its own, so it is important for a patient to see a healthcare professional when the symptoms develop. He or she will be able to prescribe antibiotics that will kill the harmful bacteria in the patient's body. As the antibiotics are beginning to work, pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be used to help manage pain in the throat and mouth. Gargling with warm saltwater can help reduce inflammation in the throat that is caused by the illness, as can using a humidifier to combat dry air.


Vomiting generally is a symptom of another illness, but when combined with strep, it can irritate an already sore throat. If a physician finds a reason for the vomiting, he or she will try to treat it in addition to the strep, but if no cause is found, it typically will go away on its own. A patient should speak to a physician when vomiting occurs in combination with strep because the medications that were prescribed could be causing the sickness. Treatment for vomiting includes drinking a lot of fluids to help fight against dehydration including water, soup broths, soft drinks and juices. When a medication is causing a person to be sick, it generally is recommended for him or her to stop taking it.

There are certain treatments that are recommended for both strep and vomiting. Lots of rest can help an individual heal from both ailments at the same time, as can eating gentle and soothing foods such as soup, yogurt and soft cereals. Irritants such as cigarette smoke should be avoided for both strep and vomiting because they can make the symptoms worse. People who are suffering from strep and vomiting are likely to feel better if they continue to drink many fluids for both ailments.


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