What is the Throat Chakra?

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The throat chakra is one of seven points on the body said to be not only focal points for the energy that flows through each individual, but also representative of colors and the individual's abilities and the way he or she relates to others and the environment. Also known as Vissuddha, the throat chakra exists in one of three states that govern the way in which the individual communicates with others. When attempting to change the state of the chakra, an individual will often meditate with the associated color of blue, with the aid of blue gemstones.

Chakras are also referred to by numbers, beginning with the lowest chakra in the body, the root chakra. The throat chakra is also called the fifth chakra. Typically, it is thought that all the other chakras below it must be in a state of balance for this chakra and those above it to maintain their own state of balance.


An individual who has the fifth chakra in a correct state of balance is an excellent communicator, not only in speaking but in listening. When the chakra is blocked, the individual will typically become quiet and withdrawn. All chakras can also exist in a state of being overactive; in the case of the throat chakra, this will result in the individual talking without listening and becoming domineering in conversation and social groups. Chakra tests designed to tell an individual the state of his or her chakras will typically include questions about how introverted or extroverted he or she is in order to assess the state of the throat chakra. Either of the states of being out of balance can also result in the individual developing physical symptoms such as chronic sore throats, dental problems, and sinus problems.

The forms of communication governed by the throat chakra are verbal and nonverbal. Dancing, the written word, sculpting, painting, and other forms of creative expression are all governed by the throat chakra. It is also responsible for the individual's ability to receive guidance from the universe in the form of intuition and instinct.

When a person is meditating and focusing on this chakra, the color blue can help in focusing the energy. Blue gemstones such as aquamarine can also be used and are sometimes placed on the throat over the focal point of the chakra. These stones can be engraved with the symbol of the chakra, which is a circle within a triangle with the point down, surrounded by another circle and 16 lotus petals. Scents associated with the throat chakra include sage and frankincense.


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