What Is the Sex Ratio in Georgia?

The sex ratio in the country of Georgia is estimated to be 120 males born for every 100 females born. On average, sex ratios naturally tend to be 105 males to every 100 females. In addition to Georgia, countries such as China and Armenia also have higher-than-average sex ratios for males. This is thought to be the result of cultural preferences for males that lead people to selectively abort female fetuses. The ratio increased in these countries during the 1990s after the rise in ultrasound machines that could determine gender during pregnancy, but infanticide also has been used historically to control sex ratios.

More about sex ratios:

  • In Armenia, the sex ratio for firstborn children is 138 males to every 100 females born, and 61% of second children are sons if the firstborns were daughters.

  • As the population ages in Georgia, the sex ratio tends to decrease. For example, for those over age 65, the sex ratio is 0.66 males to every female.

  • In the United States, there are about three times as many Google searches for “how to have a girl” than for “how to have a boy.”

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Why is this something for me to read? I probably believe the ratio is too high for women as it is in the rest of the countries.

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