What is the Sacred Heart Soup Diet?

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The Sacred Heart soup diet is a strict diet that requires a person to eat soup every day and consume a low amount of calories. Some people claim it is possible to lose more than 10 pounds (4.53 kilograms) while on this diet. As with most fad diets, however, this diet plan may not produce reliable results. Additionally, the weight loss a person experiences while on this diet is often water weight loss. Once the dieter starts to consume his normal diet again, he is likely to regain the weight once more.

The foundation of the Sacred Heart soup diet is Sacred Heart soup, which the dieter is supposed to eat on all seven days of the diet. It consists of stewed tomatoes, green onions, beef bullion cubes, dry chicken noodle soup mix, celery, green beans, carrots, and green peppers. The dieter may also add salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to make the soup taste better. To make the soup, the dieter chops the vegetables, puts everything in a pot, covers the ingredients with water, and boils the soup for 10 minutes. Then, he reduces the heat under the pot to low and simmers the soup until the vegetables are tender.


For each day of the Sacred Heart soup diet, the dieter eats some of the soup, so most people cook a big pot of it, and reheat or microwave small portions of it as necessary. The dieter also has the opportunity to eat fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy while on this diet. They are not all consumed on the same day, however.

On the first day of the Sacred Heart soup diet, the dieter eats only fruit, except bananas, and the special soup. He can eat as much soup and fruit as his stomach can hold. He can also choose water, unsweetened fruit juice, and black coffee or tea as a beverage throughout the day. The second day of the Sacred Heart soup diet is much like the first, except the dieter eats his fill of vegetables and soup and has a buttered baked potato with his dinner. He may drink the same beverages as on day one, except he should not have fruit juice.

On the third day of this soup diet, the dieter may have both fruits and vegetables as well as plenty of soup. He should drink about six to eight glasses of water on this day, skipping the baked potato at dinnertime. Day four allows the dieter to have bananas, and he should eat at least three of them and drink plenty of skim milk. He should also eat his Sacred Heart soup.

Day five of the Sacred Heart soup diet includes meat. The dieter is supposed to eat about 10 to 20 ounces (283.49 to 566.99 grams) of beef on this day. He should also eat plenty of tomatoes and some of his soup. On day six, he can eat as much meat as he wants, consume a bowl of the special soup, and eat as many vegetables as his stomach can hold. For the final day of the diet, the dieter eats brown rice, vegetables, and soup.

Once the dieter has completed all seven days of this diet, he is supposed to resume normal meals. If he wants to use this diet again, he is supposed to wait at least a few weeks before doing so. Before starting this or any other fad diet, it’s best to consult a doctor.


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These diets rarely deliver on what they promise. This one at least only lasts seven days and advises people to wait several weeks before another round of it. Also, most healthy people will get enough nutrients to be all right for the duration of the diet, as long as they don't pig out on something like fruit.

Most of the time, the weight people lose on these kinds of diets is largely water weight. That's why it tends to come back so quickly, and on a greatly reduced calorie diet like this, vigorous exercise isn't usually recommended.

As with most fad diets, dieter beware. It's not a cure-all.

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