What Is the Role of a Purchasing Manager?

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In the tradition of delineating various duties to individuals in an organization with clearly defined functions in respect to the achievement of the corporate roles and objectives of such a company, the role of a purchasing manager is important. This is due to the significance of the duties that individual performs in an organization, which is mainly related to overseeing the determination of items needed by the company and other duties that are based on ensuring these demands are effectively procured. As such, the role of the purchasing manager includes scouting for needed items, settling for the most cost-effective items, and ensuring that the company store or warehouse always has the necessary items for running a business smoothly.


Usually, companies that have a purchasing manager also have a purchasing department who will answer to the manager as his or her subordinates. As part of fulfilling the role of a purchasing manager, the individual will most often get requests from other departments within the organization regarding items they need. The purchasing manager will then make the ultimate decision of whether the company will purchase those items, and if it will, then the purchasing manager will be to decide just how much of the items he or she will purchase on behalf of the company. To this end, the role of a purchasing manager includes analyzing the different requests for items from other departments with a view to making the final determination regarding whether to purchase them on behalf of the company.

Another task that is included in the role of a purchasing manager is to look for places where the necessary items will be purchased. Such a task might include interviewing potential suppliers so as to decide which one will receive a contract to supply the items to the company. Part of this particular duty will necessarily include negotiations regarding the price of the items and a final determination of the best deal for the company. Other considerations include an analysis of the quality of the goods under consideration and other factors that will help in the final determination. The role of a purchasing manager in a retail company is also one that is based on the ability of such an individual to look for the best deals at the most competitive prices.


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