What is the Relationship Between Vertigo and Nausea?

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The onset of vertigo and nausea usually indicates that an individual suffers from a peripheral vestibular disorder, or an inner ear disorder that affects the brain's sensory system. This can bring about dizziness and disorientation. Untreated vertigo can also induce feelings of nausea by creating a feeling of uneasiness in the body. Vertigo and nausea treatments aim to fix the underlining cause, such as the ear infection, to help ease the symptoms of both uneasy feelings.

There is a strong connection between vertigo and nausea due to vertigo's symptoms of uneasiness and disorientation, which lead to an overall feeling of sickness and nausea in some individuals. The problem of the inner ear called peripheral vestibular disorder can be a driving force behind vertigo and nausea, as these are the most common symptoms experienced by most people. Usually, peripheral vestibular disorder can cause disorientation and loss of balance, as well as troubles with seeing objects clearly. Even if nausea doesn't present itself right away, it usually follows after the initial dizziness and spinning sensations caused by vertigo.


In most vertigo and nausea cases, a patient has trouble balancing and walking to a slight or severe degree and appears to be ill during an attack. Vomiting can be quite common for those with vertigo, as dizziness, uneasiness and lightheadedness alone can induce feelings of nausea and discomfort in most individuals. Taking hold of a nearby object and resting the body is the quickest way to calm the mind and center the thoughts during an attack. This is not necessarily a sustaining treatment option for those suffering with vertigo and nausea, however, it can lead to a faster recovery during an attack.

Medical treatments involve treating the underlying cause of vertigo, such as treating a peripheral vestibular disorder, to help bring down vertigo and nausea symptoms. When the cause of vertigo is unknown, it can be much more difficult to treat, however, some doctors may prescribe anti-anxiety medications or calming aids, such as relaxation techniques, to help fight future attacks. Treating nausea symptoms may be as simple as taking anti-nausea medications prescribed by a doctor, though this path isn't seen as a cure for a deeper underlying cause of the condition.


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Post 3

@donasmrs-- Absolutely. There is something called migraine-associated vertigo. Either the cause of the migraine, or the migraine itself can cause vertigo. And I think that nausea is related to vertigo. So it's like a chain reaction where the migraine triggers vertigo and vertigo triggers nausea. I think if your migraine is treated, the other symptoms will more than likely go away. I'm not an expert though, so you should see your doctor right away about this. You might have to see a neurologist for some definite answers because there are different types of migraines with different causes.

Post 2

Is a migraine, a cause of vertigo and nausea? I only have these symptoms when I have a migraine.

Post 1

I was quite ill two weeks ago. I couldn't work for several days due to vertigo and nausea. I had dizziness whenever I moved my head. The vertigo was followed by nausea and vomiting. I went to the doctor thinking that it might be stomach flu but he said that it's due to an inner ear problem. I had a cold a short time before this incident and that was probably the cause.

I didn't have to do anything special for treatment. My doctor told me to rest, to stay warm and to wear ear plugs while showering. He also gave me medication for vertigo and nausea. My symptoms went away on their own after three to four days.

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