What is the Ratio of Doctors to Non-Medical Administrative Support Staff?

While it might seem counterintuitive, your health care is made possible by a lot more people that do not provide direct health care, like receptionists and insurance billing specialists, than you may have thought. In the United States, the ratio is 1 to 5 — 1 doctor for every 5 people performing administrative staff functions. There are more administrative staff than registered nurses as well. 14.3 million people worked in the health care industry in 2008.

More Health Care Facts:

  • With over one million workers, California has the highest number of health care industry employees.

  • About 42% of health care workers work in the ambulatory services sector, which includes outpatient care, laboratories and blood banks.

  • People spent more than $2.3 trillion US Dollars (USD) — about $7,681 per resident — on health care in 2008, compared to about $714 billion USD in 1990.

  • Since 1999, costs for employer-sponsored health care coverage have increased 131%.

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More Info: Bureau of Labor Statistics; State Health Facts; The Henry Kaiswer Family Foundation

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