What Is the Process of Business Communication?

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The process of business communication refers to the process of interaction between parties as a consequence of conducting business. This process is very important for various business interactions, including as a means of intercultural business relations, as a means of marketing and advertising, and as a means of relating with customers, shareholders and other businesses. The means utilized in the process of business communication includes features like the Internet, telephones, slides and other forms of presentation and reports.

While applying the process of business communication, the company must understand its audience in order to know the particular method of communication that will apply to them. For example, while communicating with its employees, the company management might utilize various means of communication, including internal office memos, bulletin messages and emails. In the same sense, business communication with board members during a meeting might necessarily include the use of slides or other forms of visual communication, such as projectors. These visual communication aids help the speaker press home whatever point he or she is trying to make in a more effective manner.


While interacting with clients, customers or consumers, the business might use other strategies as part of the process of business communication. For example, communication strategies might be applied in the various methods used to market a product or service to consumers. If the company is using e-mails to communicate to consumers, it must be able to present its products in a manner that is acceptable to the particular target demographic. For instance, if the target demographic is teenage boys, the company would not communicate with them in the same manner that it would if the target demographic was middle-aged women. As such, an important part of the process is the analysis of the other parties to the communication.

Good business practice requires that a company should hire customer service representatives based on their ability to communicate effectively with others. Customer service representatives must be able to talk articulately, since they will often communicate with people over the phone. They must also have good people skills, including good body language, since they will also have to deal with people on a personal basis. The same application goes for their interaction with people over the Internet. An understanding and application of the process of business communication is indeed one of the bedrocks of successful business practices.


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