What is the Procedure for Rodent Removal?

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There are several different rodent removal methods to choose from. Probably the most common is the mice or rat trap, and there is a variety of versions to choose from. If a rodent problem is such that the homeowners can’t handle it, they might need to hire outside help. Many pest control companies specialize in rodent removal beyond just insects. Regardless of which method chosen, it’s important to take steps to rodent-proof a home to prevent future infestations.

One of the most common ways to achieve rodent removal is to use rodent traps. Typically, this means setting rat traps or mouse traps to catch rats and mice in the home. Note that there is a difference between rat traps and mouse traps. This is because rats are larger and stronger than mice. If a homeowner knows for sure that his rodents are rats and not mice, he should look for larger and sturdier traps designed to handle these stronger, bulkier rodents.


Choosing rodent traps designed specifically for the kind of rodents involved is just one consideration. A homeowner also needs to compare all the different kinds of traps within those categories. For example, there are the common snap traps, which are designed to snap the rodent’s neck as it reaches for a piece of bait, such as cheese. There are also glue traps that immobilize the rodent and electronic traps that electrocute it. If a person prefers the humane approach of trapping and releasing the rodent, he can choose from among the numerous kinds of live traps that will hold the rat or mouse in an enclosure until it can be set free.

If a homeowner chooses to use traps as a rodent removal method, there are a few ways to ensure the method is effective. The traps should be checked each morning. Any rats or mice caught in the traps should be removed, then the traps reset or new ones set, depending on the style of traps. The traps should be used until there are at least three rodent-free mornings. Doing this increases the odds that the rodent problem is under control.

Sometimes, a rodent problem is too big for one person and a few traps. If this is the case, a homeowner might consider consulting with a pest control company. These businesses specialize in particularly severe mice and rat infestations. They can also help with the removal of raccoons, squirrels, bats, and other kinds of out-of-place creatures. Homeowners can check local listings or talk to people they know who have hired pest control companies to find recommendations for the area.

There are ways to rodent-proof a home once the rodent removal method chosen is complete. For example, a homeowner can seal any openings that might allow mice and rats into the home. These include openings in the attic, basement, chimney, or surrounding the heating and cooling systems. Clear any bushes or tree branches away from the windows and roof to prevent the rodents from traveling closer to entry points. Also, if a pest control company comes to the house, a homeowner should take the opportunity to ask the technicians to take a look around the home and offer suggestions for keeping the mice and rats blocked out.


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Trap placement and proper trap set up is important, too. I have seen so many customers using a mouse trap for rats or the traps are set wrong and won't go off, no matter what. Or the customer doesn't set the traps along a wall like they should be when possible. They might use the wrong kind of bait on them. Baiting can also be an option in some situations. Good information, though. Always good to keep the public informed.

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