What is the Praxis II&Reg; Exam?

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The Praxis II® exam is a series of tests created by the Educational Testing Service® (ETS), a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting quality education for people around the world. The exams measure knowledge of subjects that future K through 12 teachers will teach in the classroom. The tests also measure teaching skills and general knowledge.

The Praxis II&reg consists of several exams including Subject Assessments, Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Tests, and Teaching Foundations Tests. In many American states, anyone who wishes to enter the teaching field must take the Praxis II® exam to earn licensing and certification as a teacher. Passing the tests are important steps toward a career in the teaching field.

The Subject Assessment includes multiple-choice and constructed-response test questions. The Principles of Learning and Teaching Tests are divided into several categories. Test-takers can register to take the Early Childhood exam, the grades K through six exam, the grades five through nine exam, or the grades seven through 12 exam. The PLT consists of questions that are based on case studies. Test takers are provided with multiple-choice and constructed-response questions.

The Teaching Foundations Test measures knowledge in multiple subjects, Language Arts, English, Mathematics, Social Science, and Science. The multiple subjects exam is administered to elementary teaching candidates. Questions are asked through multiple-choice and constructed-response.


The Praxis II® exam is administered at testing centers throughout the U.S. Those who need to take the exam may register at the website If a person is not sure which Praxis II® exam she should take, it's important for her to check with her state's testing requirements to ensure that she registers for the appropriate Praxis II® exam.

On the day of the test, test-takers should wear layered clothing to adjust for varying room temperatures. They will need to bring valid ID so that the test proctor can verify their identification. Of course, all test-takers should bring several number-two pencils to the test site.

Some exams may require that the test taker uses a ballpoint pen, so it's always best to bring a few pens as well. The proctors will store all cell phones and electronic devices away from the testing site so that test takers are not disturbed while completing the exam. Anyone registered to take the Praxis II® exam should contact ETS® or visit their website for further information about any other materials needed. Visiting the public library or bookstore will supply the future test taker with books and software that help them to prepare for the Praxis II® exam.


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