What Is the Most Popular Type of Red Meat?

About 70 percent of all red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat, making it the most popular type of red meat. Also known as chevon or cabrito, goat meat has become increasingly popular in the United States, with about 1 million meat goats consumed every year.

More facts about goats and meat:

  • A similarly sized portion of goat meat has one-third fewer calories than beef and as much as two-thirds less fat than a portion of pork or lamb.

  • Among the most popular breeds for goat meat are South African boer goats, Kiko goats from New Zealand and myotonic goats, or "fainting" goats.

  • Goat meat can be served curried, braised, fried, stewed, grilled, canned or even made into sausage. There is even an Okinawan dish called yagisashi, which consists of very thinly sliced raw goat meat.

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