What is the Most Common Chronic Sinusitis Treatment?

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Chronic sinusitis refers to the swelling of sinus tissues that can last for at least eight weeks or longer. Alternately, people might have back-to-back episodes where they appear to get better for a few days and then worsen. Three or more of these episodes usually indicate that chronic sinusitis is occurring. It’s hard to determine the most common chronic sinusitis treatment, because the correct treatment depends upon cause. Nevertheless, it would be accurate to state that many people receive antibiotics upon getting this diagnosis, which may or may not be useful.

There are many different types of chronic sinusitis treatment that are commonly used. Nasal sprays that contain a corticosteroid can result in better breathing and less nasal congestion because they reduce inflammation. Oral decongestants are sometimes recommended too, though they may have a drying effect on the sinuses, possibly leading to increased congestion or a rebound congestion effect.

Another chronic sinusitis treatment that is commonly used is nasal rinsing or products like saline nasal spray. Nasal rinses help wash the sinuses and may reduce chances of bacterial infection, while making breathing easier. These might be particularly helpful for people who get chronic sinusitis from allergies because they may remove allergens like pollen or dust that have accumulated in the nasal passages. Some people don’t like the rinsing sensation and instead stick to saline sprays, which help to moisten the sinuses.


Doctors try to determine the cause of sinusitis so they can derive the best chronic sinusitis treatment. Some people clearly have seasonal allergies, and the sinuses will recover with medications that dull histamine response. To an extent, corticosteroid nasal sprays work to stop inflammation, but doctors may also recommend that people use an antihistamine to treat ongoing infection and prevent future ones.

Sometimes, different types of this condition begin with congestion from colds, viruses, or allergies, and the sinuses become infected with bacteria. When this occurs, doctors need a chronic sinusitis treatment that will eliminate bacteria. The most commonly used medicines in these cases are antibiotics of varying kinds, along with supportive treatments like nasal rinses.

An additional cause of chronic sinusitis is fungal infection, and if patients with this are given an antibiotic, it may worsen. Instead, the best chronic sinusitis treatment for these infections is oral or spray antifungal medicines. The number of different causes of chronic sinusitis demonstrates that a common treatment is not wise. Instead each case should be evaluated carefully, and cause found before treatment is determined. In exceptionally difficult cases, other treatments are warranted like surgeries or drainage of the sinus to promote healing.


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Saline nasal sprays and irrigation are OK, but the best treatment I have tried for my sinus infection was sinusoothe. This is a natural nasal spray that kills the sinus infection. It does sting a little, and after a couple days my nasal congestion become more loose and green stuff was mixed in with it (I assume this was the infection). One week later and no more sinusitis. I had this chronically for fifteen years and no amount of doctors visits could fix it.

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