What is the Moon Diet?

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

The Moon diet is basically a 24-hour clear liquid diet that is intended to be used when the Moon enters a new phase. This diet is largely regarded as a fad diet. As with all clear liquid diets and juice fasts, however, if followed properly, it can lead to weight loss. It is important to note that this kind of diet is not sustainable and does not offer enough calories or nutrients to sustain a healthy body. Before beginning any diet, it is important to consult with your physician or a trusted medical professional.

The cycle of the Moon is connected to the Moon diet.
The cycle of the Moon is connected to the Moon diet.

In order to follow the Moon diet, one must first find out when the Moon will change phase. Finding this information is as simple as a quick Internet search. The phase of the Moon is calculated both by the calendar and by one’s position on the planet Earth.

A physician should be consulted before consuming only liquids for 24 hours.
A physician should be consulted before consuming only liquids for 24 hours.

The idea behind the Moon diet is that the slight gravitational shift that is caused by the new phase of the Moon allows the body to more easily release excess fluid that has been stored. There is firm scientific evidence that the gravitational force of the Moon affects bodies of water on the planet. There is no hard evidence, however, that a clear liquids diet or juice fast is more effective when the Moon goes into a new phase.

A new phase of the Moon is usually calculated down to the minute. It is exactly this minute when those following the Moon diet should begin. Starting at that minute and for the following twenty-four hours, Moon dieters must refrain from eating food. They may drink as much water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, and broth as they desire. However, the fruit juices must be natural juices that have no added sugar.

Many people consider the Moon diet to be a crash diet. The general consensus on crash diets is that they don’t work, hence the name. While it is possible to drop a few pounds by sticking to clear liquids and sugar-free juices, the majority of the weight that is lost is water weight which can easily return. Furthermore, this kind of diet may lead to intense hunger so that, at the end, the dieter finds himself or herself loading up on calories and counteracting any weight loss that may have been achieved.

Diane Goettel
Diane Goettel

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This is amazing. I never heard about moon diet before. Now I am planning to diet and want to see the results of my own. I thank you for new concept of fasting, dieting, detoxing, etc. -- anshu


I did the moon diet last month and I lost 3 pounds of water weight in that twenty-four hours! It's such a quick diet and a great way to start off the new lunar month in my opinion. It's also easy. I rarely felt hungry during those twenty-four hours. When I was hungry, I went for fresh vegetable juices.

Milk and milkshakes are not allowed but I did have a fresh fruit juice once or twice. Like I said, it was easy and it was a good feeling to know that I can resume eating the next day.


@burcinc-- But I think the moon diet is not to lose weight, it's a detox diet. It helps remove toxins as well as excess water from the body.


I don't see how the moon diet will work. Weight loss has to do with the intake of calories and how much is burned off by physical activity. You can technically take in more calories than you can burn through liquids. Vegetable and fruit juices are not calorie free.

I think these juice only fad diets are dangerous because if someone is suffering from hypoglycemia or diabetes and isn't aware of it, this type of diet can lead to a metabolic seizure.

Especially fruit juices are high in sugar. They raise blood sugar quickly and then cause it to plummet. The trick to weight loss is maintaining stable blood sugar levels and this diet does exactly the opposite.


Wow. Interesting article. I have never even heard of a Moon diet. Sounds like some kind of ritual.

Good info!

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